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“How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting Commission”

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John James Posted: Thu, Dec 22 2011 1:41 AM

How Dems won California's remap

ProPublica is out with a nearly 4,500-word, behind-the-curtain look at how Democrats won the California redistricting panel - and the whole astonishing story is well worth the read.

The crux of the article - that House Democrats waged an elaborate effort to fool the bipartisan California Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw up a plan that favored the party[...]


John Burton goes ballistic

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton, whose choice of words would more often than not make a sailor blush, is losing it over the ProPublica story reporting that Dems manipulated the state's supposedly independent redistricting process.

Burton tells the Chron's longtime political scribe Carla Marinucci that the story is "complete bull…t, an absolute f…ing fabrication.”[...]


ProPublica report sparks GOP outrage

The fallout surrounding the explosive ProPublica report that California Democrats manipulated the state's supposedly independent redistricting process begins.

Republicans are now seizing on the story and pushing to have the state's newly-drawn congressional map - which is expected to cost the GOP several seats - eliminated.[...]


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