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worth studying a BA in economics at university in a socialist country?

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nickaus posted on Fri, Jan 27 2012 1:54 AM


I'm Australian and 24 years of age. Since leaving high school I have travelled the world and lived in China for two years teaching English as a second language. During this time I have educated myself through the internet and books. Most of my interest has been with philosophy and economics. I have been passionate about Australian economics and the libertarian school of thought for nearly two years now. I am currently making my way through Mises's treatise, human action.

Now I have come home from overseas and find myself in quite a dilemma. I would love to go to university and study economics but I have some concerns. Australia is a very socialist country and after looking at the curriculum for the BA in economics there is a lot of learning about governments role in the market and Keynesians school of thought. I am not sure if they will teach any of the principles of the Austrian school of thought at all. On the other hand maybe it will give me a good forum to debate issues with people and look at all sides of economic arguments and learn how to do market research etc...

Anyway I would love some recommendations or advice about undertaking a degree in economics given my backround. Also if anyone has actually studied economics in a socialist country, I would really love to hear about their experience.

More than any other experience at this stage in my life, including travel, I want to learn and improve my knowledge, for I believe it is ideas that change the world.

I would really appreciate any responses,


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Another option is a distance course from the University of London. They have been running these courses for 150 years (originally I think it was a scheme for folk who were stuck out in the nether-regions of the Empire, so perfect for an ex-con such as yourself wink ), and the qualification is apparently quite well respected.

You can enrol on individual modules and get access to some online material. You don't get any tuition as it is all self-study. But then you don't get tuition fees either; it's a matter of learning the material and then doing an exam when you are ready. You can even use the modules as a contribution to a degree if you want to. The course material is the same as what you would do if you went to the London School of Economics, I think.

The main benefit of doing it this way is that it is mind-bogglingly affordable compared to other options. You can get a degree for a little over £3,500 at 2011 prices (I don't know if the fees are rising this year, however, so you need to be careful. Fees have trippled for normal degrees here in the UK due to government cuts)


ETA: Apparently Israel Kirzner got his degree though the UoL International Programme

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We have something called a TAFE. They mainly teach subject which enable people to become employable. Math, English, IT, Business, Accounting, Trades, etc. I don't think they teach economics.

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