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Call for help: More Hands on Deck for Ron Paul GOP vote analysis and publicity

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John James Posted: Wed, Feb 29 2012 5:34 PM

We NEED more hands on deck. Significant evidence of Algorythmic vote flipping.

We are at a crossroads. We NEED to bring more people on board, especially those with statistical backgrounds and others well suited to figuring out the best path forward. (Our eventual goal, hopefully, to produce another consolidated report, perhaps a website, and break this story in the media).

Where we are - it appears we have statistical proof of vote flipping in the Primary. Much of the research focuses on South Carolina, but we have extremely suspicious data on most other states as well, though we need to be careful since some states are primaries and others are caucuses, which need to be kept separate, even if both end up being fraudulent.

The basic summary:
1) Romney is always the only benefactor.
2) There is evidence of vote flipping going back to the 2008 primary.
3) The algorithm(s) being used are rather crude, often basic 1:1 flipping.
4) Votes are often, but not always, siphoned from a single candidate. This candidate is often Ron Paul, but has also been Gingrich, Santorum, and even Huckabee in 2008.
5) Romney benefits as precincts increase in size, and this increase is algorithmically 'clean' with little or no 'white noise' common to non-altered candidates. For example, we might see a steady 10% rise in Romney's votes from precincts sized 50% to 80%, at which point it increases to a steady 15% (far after any differences in size should matter).
6) Demographics are not at play, though this is the 'debunk' most often brought up by people new to the thread.

from Liberty:
A candidate's cumulative score should gradually converge with reducing volatility towards his final result. This is an absolute mathematical law. Romney's score goes there in straight slanted line with no volatility. This is simply entirely impossible in an un-rigged election.


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I was going to point this out in the low content thread but then i thought that  I should search the site first because john james has probably already posted it...

I keep sharing this everywhere I can but nothing happens :/

The url above required a sign up so maybe people have not seen this document that details the vote flipping:

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Yeah, I'm not completely sure why they privatized that thread.  I can think of a few possible reasons, but I'm not real sure it was a smart thing to do.

(High five for the search function, though.)


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