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As of 4/3/2012, how many delegates do you think Dr. Paul has?

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No2statism Posted: Tue, Apr 3 2012 8:21 PM

According to this, he has 380.

However, I don't think the number is quite that high.  I noticed one of the posters said 200-250, which I think is about right.

Also, do you think Romney really has more than 50% of the delegates possible (i.e., possible as of today, not 1144) as the MSM reports?

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However many Ron Paul has takes away from the projected totals of all of the candidates.  So what the MSM says about Romney et al I would assume are all over estimation to the proportion that Paul has them.

I've seen articles that say Paul has only 50 or less.

"The Fed does not make predictions. It makes forecasts..." - Mustang19
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The FED and the MSM will probably prevent Dr. Paul from securing the nomination. Theres no way they'd let him be elected.

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200 sounds about right. I expect him to get a higher count if the convention becomes brokered and delegates are released. I doubt he has enough to win the nomination though. 

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