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Rothbard refuted!

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Meistro posted on Wed, Apr 11 2012 5:39 PM

Say what?


I don't really understand everything this dude is saying but it's definitely an interesting read.  I think I see a few flaws in his thinking but I will let more learned mines rebut his criticisms (or accept them!)


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I don't see why new posters, before they bring up a topic, need to search the forum to see if it has been done before. If they bring an old topic up just politely direct them to the threads in question.

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Excel - I like your thinking.

Torsten - Smiling Dave doesn't think so.

Plus, you're asking a biased audience whether the rejection of their views is valid. I'm not sure that's the best way to explode possible fallacies in the Austrian school.

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The biases of the audience are a factor to consider. Not a hindrance to debating the existence of any actual fallacies within the school.



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You're mistaken. Caplan is as libertarian as they come as are most the faculty at GMU. His refutation is against Austrian Economics not libertarianism.

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I don't see how he really refutes Austrianism as economic theory. He does however highlight some areas to reconsider (i.e. utility versus value).

The public goods argument is sometimes used against libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism. 

So it was a bit funny to me that Caplan brought that up. However I will have to go through that again.  

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