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Documentaries with an Austrian touch.

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veilofmaya13 Posted: Sat, Apr 28 2012 2:12 AM

     This is my first post, though I've been on the site for awhile. I was wondering if there were any libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, and/or Austrian school documentaries out there. I'm mainly looking for something more "polished" than some of the 20 to 30 minute videos I find on youtube. It would be even better if there were some documentaries that I could get on DVD or watch on Netflix.

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The most "Austrian School" I think you'll get is The Bubble, which hasn't been completed yet.  The Mises Institute has produced a few documentary films, but this was in the early 90s, so they have a pretty dated feel.

Liberty and Economics

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve (HQ version)


SPOiLER (1 hour abridged version) is surprisingly useful, despite the stated intent of the subtitle.  The film presents itself as explaining "how a 3rd political party could win"...but even in the full length 2 hour version, they probably only spend about 10 minutes (if that long) on actually making the case.  The rest of the film is basically extrapolating the truth behind the political establishment, the false dichotomy of the two party system, the reality of the Federal Reserve system, the false political spectrum that is taught in schools...It's all really useful.  However, despite being released in 2009, it still has a pretty 90s feel to it.  But the content is quite valuable.  I was quite surprised.


Overdose [backup link] does a pretty good job of outlining the lead up to the 2008 crisis, but it's based on Johan Norberg's book Financial Fiasco, so it's not entirely Austrian, but it's still pretty useful.


War Made Easy


The War on Kids


Are all excellent (well, Secrecy I would say is a little less than excellent, but still incredibly useful).  The other two are incredibly good.  See this thread for info and links.


Hacking Democracy isn't exactly libertarian focused, but it does an extremely good job of muckraking the current political system and the fraud in the whole election setup.


I'll add more as I think of them.


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John James:

Wow! I just flicked through that and it has interviews with Rothbard, I didn't know there were any.

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