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Propaganda in American Soap Operas

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DanielMuff Posted: Mon, Apr 30 2012 2:59 PM

I happen to be watching a soap opera on CBS and I happen to catch a scene where some older lady explains to two other ladies the horrors of buying pills online. This is after the two ladies found pills in, I think, one of the ladies' daughter's room. So, the first lady goes on about how unfortunately pills can be bought online without a prescription from a pharmacy that has been licensed by the government. She went on and on and I was like, "wowwww!"

Has anyone else experienced this? I mean, it happens on all the cop shows (Law & Order, etc.), but I had no idea that it happened in soap operas too. I thought they were all about people cheating on each other with everyone else.


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hashem replied on Tue, May 1 2012 1:10 AM

It would blow your mind the things people believe after hearing it, say, twice, from different sources. Compound that with the orders of magnitude of an entire society over decades...

Google Hitler on propaganda, or operation mockingbird. Governments value propaganda immensely and take it VERY seriously.

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Kakugo replied on Tue, May 1 2012 2:37 AM

I strongly suspect TV was invented for no other scope than brainwashing people. I have always watched very little TV but a few years back I stopped altogether when the stream of propaganda started invading everything. Even children's shows are less about selling gadgets and more about Global Warming, bullying, "safe sex" or whatever the latest cultural fad is.

Does it work? Yes and no. It obviously doesn't curb drug use but it surely helps predisposed people believe in politicians assuring them the onslaught on individual liberties is all about saving the children. It doesn't make youths rush to the recruitment office but it helps people turn the other way when some boy returns from Afghanistan with both legs blown off for "democracy". It doesn't make you turn your neighbor in for tax evasion but it surely helps people stay quiet while governments and banks go through your every record to make you pay the last penny "due".

Thomas Jefferson is often quoted having said "All tyranny needs to take hold is for the people of good conscience to remain silent". TV propaganda helped accomplish that.

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Propaganda is in everything.  The DoD and ESF are not limited in their interactions with it.  Books, newspapers, TV shows, movies, video games, it is everywhere.  Call of Duty?  Battlefield?  Medal of Honor?  Any Tom Clancy game?  They are all advised by some part of the military; they even get money from the Pentagon in some cases.

Check these out for May Day propaganda.  Osamacide

I noticed one week that every cartoon TV show on FOX affiliated networks had the same theme.  The simpsons, family guy, american dad, and archer covered bullying and gayness in episodes in the same week.  "Propaganda weeks" are what I call them.  The stations infuse the same cultural or behavioral fad in different shows.  It is simply repetition.  30 Rock, the office, parks and recreation, and Community all participate in them too.

I don't watch a lot of network TV, but it is there.

Frasier had "NWO militias at a gun show talking about generators." 

I still think that 9/11 was planned for 1997.

Frasier's producer died on 9/11 in flight 11/tower 1, when in 1997 an episode was based around a women arriving in Seattle on that very "flight 11 American Airlines."  It was episode 4x24 (air date: May 20, 1997).   It was the season finale.  In the season premiere of the Simpsons (season 9) They make a very obvious reference to 9/11... (again this was in September 21, 1997).  Both episodes were the closest day that the episodes could air to 9/11 too.

Malcom in the Middle had a joke where Malcom was hiding in his girlfriends attic and Malcom asked "why does your dad have all this canned food?" and the girl responded, "These are all his Armageddon supplies for when the UN takes over the banks.."  Lots of middle/high school kids are going to get jokes like that...


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