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Trade & deficits links

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John James Posted: Wed, May 2 2012 2:17 PM

Per this request, I figured I might as well make a post of it here, as others might find this info useful at some point or another.


Trade & deficits

Record Trade Deficit despite Lower Dollar | Peter Schiff |
Today's release of a record $61 billion dollar February trade deficit continues to confound the "experts" who have constantly predicted that a weaker dollar would be the cure for America's exploding trade imbalance. If anything the statistical record
Trade Deficit Puts Dollar Back in The Spot Light | Peter Schiff |
Ever since the French "no" vote, the world's attention has been diverted away from the high-wire act taking place in America, to the side-show happening in Europe. However, with Luxemburg's "yes" vote on the EU constitution over the weekend (indicati
Does the widening US trade deficit pose a threat to the economy? - Frank Shostak - Mises Daily
Focusing on the trade deficit, writes Frank Shostak, only diverts the attention from the real culprit, which is the US central bank.
Is There a Libertarian Case Against Free Trade? - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
The trends in globalization have led to fearful predictions, writes Robert Murphy. Upon closer scrutiny, most of these warnings fall apart.
Isn't the Capital Surplus a Good Thing? - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
The man on the street passionately believes that we ought to sell more stuff to foreigners than we buy from them, writes Robert Murphy. But he also believes quite strongly that it's good if foreign companies build factories here, rather than Americans exporting capital abroad. So when we free market economists point out that the two positions are mutually exclusive, that at least causes the protectionist to scratch his head. Remember: a positive trade deficit must yield a positive capital account surplus, i.e., a net inflow of foreign investment in US assets.
Kitco - Contributed Commentaries - Peter Schiff
Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
Although Austro-libertarians have always been staunch supporters of free trade, Robert Murphy writes that many are worried over the unusually large current account deficits of recent decades. Even though they concede that a truly free market trade deficit would be perfectly benign, they believe that the current "global imbalances" in trade patterns largely reflect the behavior of central bankers, rather than voluntary exchanges between private individuals across the planet. Are they right?
Selling our Cows to Buy Milk | Peter Schiff |
By running huge trade deficits, Americans are literally selling cows to buy milk. Alcoa is just the latest heifer headed for the auction block. In other words, because we do not trade enough domestically manufactured consumer goods ...
Trade Deficits and Collectivism - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
Robert Murphy is concerned that many bona fide Rothbardians are so disgusted with fiat money and fractional reserve banking systems that they endorse criticisms of these institutions even when they are based on faulty economics. In particular, much of the handwringing over the large current account deficits in recent years would, if valid, be just as applicable to deficits arising in a purely free market.
Trade Deficits, Peter Schiff, and protectionism This isn't exactly new, but I just found it interesting to see some constructive criticism on Schiff. Was reading a bunch of Robet Murphy's articles today, and their pretty good. Here is another about Peter Schiff on trade defecits: Perpetual Trade Deficits Can Be Good Admittedly its a new concept to me that trade deficits are not inherently problematic.
A Falling Dollar, After All - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
The dollar has fallen to historically low levels, and yet the current account deficit has continued to climb to historically high levels. It seems very unlikely to Robert Murphy that our present trade deficits should be attributed to the wonders of the US economy. Instead, it seems more likely that the artificially cheap credit of the early 2000s fueled various wealth bubbles, leading Americans to consume their capital without realizing it. In short, after reviewing more of the data, he now largely agrees with the conclusions (though not the arguments) of pessimists such as Peter Schiff.
Perpetual Trade Deficits Can Be Good - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
A large trade deficit — even one that persists for decades — is not necessarily bad or unsustainable, writes Robert Murphy. If the Austro-libertarians ever realized their dream, the resulting society would almost certainly have massive trade deficits — and this would be a natural reflection of its economic might. The popular "old school wisdom" that country needs a solid manufacturing base and trade surpluses to remain a dominant economic power is simply false. This error trips up even the best of the current-day financial analysts, including Peter "Dr Doom" Schiff.
Interview with Peter Schiff
Below is a recent exchange I had with Peter Schiff. Mr. Schiff is the president of Euro Pacific Capital and a frequent commentator on financial news networks such as CNBC and FBN. In addition, he has written numerous articles for
Everyone Has a Favorite Horse to Beat. Mine is Not Dead.
Earlier today I heard Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson interviewed on WTOP radio (a local all-news/sports/weather channel in DC). Samuelson is usually pretty good, but he -- like so many others -- fails to understand the trade deficit. He said...
Populist Economic Myths « John Stossel
Citizens United is the group that made the movie “Hillary, the Movie,” and then, fortunately,
Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
There is a definite connection between fiat currencies and trade deficits. Critics of the Federal Reserve are right to blame it for distorting trade flows and setting the US economy up for an inflationary crash.
Peter Schiff: Creating Inflation Will Not Solve Unemployment Problem
Bob Murphy on why trade deficits are no big deal - The Mises Community
An online community for fans of Austrian economics, featuring forums, user blogs, and more.
Trade Commission » Blog Archive » Stossel Show – Is Free Trade Good ? (Part 3/6)
Currency Wars - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
When governments try to confer an advantage to their exporters through currency depreciation, they risk a war of debasement. In such a race to the bottom, none of the participants can gain a lasting competitive edge.
Murphy vs. Schiff - Money Memes
Peter Schiff on the bailout - Love of Liberty - The Mises Community
Globalization: The Long-Run Big Picture - George Reisman - Mises Daily
Globalization, writes George Reisman, is the process of bringing the entire world into the system of division of labor and thus into the system of social cooperation, of which division of labor is the essence. Its completion will mark the highest level of division of labor and social cooperation that it is possible for human beings to achieve, given the size of the world's population. In conjunction with its essential prerequisite of respect for private property rights, and thus the existence of substantial economic freedom in the various individual countries, its potential is nothing less than the elevation of the productivity of labor and of living standards all across the globe to the level of the most advanced countries, and at the same time the radical improvement in productivity and living standards in what are today the most advanced countries.
Krugman Falls into the Keynesian Accounting Trap - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
It's one thing to criticize Paul Krugman for his views on Austrian economics, but only a brave soul would have the temerity to question Krugman's discussion of the Keynesian approach to international trade, right?
I Challenge Krugman on His Home Court
Inflation in relation to trade/trade deficits - The Mises Community
Confusion about Free Trade Argument - The Mises Community
An article by Frank Shostak about the trade deficit, and a refutation of his arguments. - The Mises Community
In defense of Peter Schiff - The Mises Community
The Pseudo-economics of Protectionism - Veritas
Protectionist rhetoric will only accelerate the dollar's slide - Radical Idealism
Search Results trade deficit
Currency Wars - Robert P. Murphy - Mises Daily
Things Not Looking Good
Bill O’Reilly vs. Ron Paul - Stossel's Take Blog -
The Myth of "Exporting Jobs" - William L. Anderson - Mises Daily
Clarifications on the Case for Free Trade - Paul Craig Roberts - Mises Daily
Ludwig Von Mises opposes "Free Trade"!!!
Not exactly. But he opposes UNFAIR FREE TRADE! Its a great read. check out the other links too kudos to the Vanilla Gorilla from the DailyPaul
The President’s Make-Believe Fiscal Conservatism | Cato @ Liberty
The Weekly Standard: Obama Vs. Bush On Debt : NPR
Many are wondering what President Obama will say about reducing the debt tonight in his State of the Union speech. Jeffrey H. Anderson of The Weekly Standard takes a look at the national debt under the leaderships of both Obama and former President George Bush, and argues that in the long run, Obama should be held more accountable.
Deficits, Debt, and Debasement | Scott A. Beaulier and Peter J. Boettke | Cato Institute: Policy Report
George W. Bush: Biggest Spender Since LBJ | Cato @ Liberty
2011 Deficit | How does Obama's 2011 projected deficit compare? - Los Angeles Times
The White House has proposed a $3.8-trillion budget for the fiscal year 2011, which begins Oct. 1. What is the projected deficit, and how does that compare with past years? The deficit is
CBO: Obama budget worse than projected on 10-year deficit - The Hill's On The Money
CBO estimates 10 years of deficits would total $9. 5 trillion, compared to the administration's $7.
US debt problem visualized: Debt stacked in 100 dollar bills
An illustration of United States of America's debt problems; with national debt and unfunded liablities put into perspective. Showing One Million, 1 Trillion, 15 Trillion, 14.294 Trillion, 114.5 Trillion
Clinton 'Surplus" Confusion - The Mises Community
Another Day, Another Lie… Obama Blames His Record Deficit & Debt On Bush Again | The Gateway Pundit
How the Deficit Got This Big -
A look at how the economy went from healthy surpluses at the end of the Clinton era to the current deficit.
The Crack in the Ice by Gary North
U.S. National Debt Clock FAQ
The 'Buy America' Myth by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Buy American! by Gary North
The Stupidity of “Buy American” | Bastiat Institute
America’s Latest War
“Buy American” Ignorance
Buy American Only? A Letter From a Concerned Citizen | Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Our Economy, the Debt Ceiling and More - Special Guest Robert P. Murphy - Infinite Banking Radio - Paradigm Life
Rothbard on Schiff - The Mises Community
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Hey thanks a lot JJ! I wish I'd seen this before the end of the weekend because this will clearly take a while to read and absorb. 

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Yeah, sorry...I posted it on Wednesday, and figured you saw it in the main thread list.


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