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Best "little books"

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OldBenjaminNOMORE Posted: Thu, May 3 2012 10:28 PM

What are your favorite books espousing free-market ideology that are around the 100 page mark?


I particularly enjoyed anatomy of the state.  I am now reading the anti-capitalist mentality by Mises, and I now understand why this site is dedicated to him.  He truly was a genious!

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Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt may be the "poster boy" for this for Austrian type people

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I really recommend Albert Jay Nock, Our Enemy, The State.  The edition on is technically about 200 pages but each page has about half the text of, say, the online editions of Mises works and the work can be completed within a couple of hours.  In fact I highly recommend all of Nock's works.

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Yeah, EiOL is closer to 200 pages (especially if you use the 1978 edition).  If he would have said 150 pages or less, I probably could have added at least 25% more titles.


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