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What is communitarianism?

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Kelvin Silva Posted: Mon, May 14 2012 9:26 PM

I have tried searching about this topic for a while and I can't really come up with anything good (perhaps i suck at research).

From what I understand it is being socially right and fiscally leftist, or a radical centrism?

Bill Clinton talked about it as the "third" way.

Can anyone explain to me what it is in more detail?

“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
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Rorschach replied on Mon, May 14 2012 10:24 PM

It is mostly an irrelevant ideology.  Communitarians are favorable of social engineering, believing government can and should be used as a behavior correcting mechanism and that just about anything that is immoral should be banned, and anything that is "good and righteous" should be propped up by the government.  Door-to-door statism with Sunday clothes and cookies.

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