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Justin Raimondo, AIPAC, and Congress.

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No2statism Posted: Mon, May 21 2012 1:01 PM

How can one be an anarcho-capitalist and propose a law against AIPAC lobbying at the same time?

Why didn't he just propose the Browne Amendment instead?

AIPAC isn't directly committing any aggression, are they?

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AIPAC is the premiere zionist lobbying organization.  (It used to be called AZPAC...guess what changed to what?)  They are one of the biggest lobbies for war on behalf of Israel that there is.  As far as pragmatic an-cap policy goes, one obvious suggestion would be to disallow foreigners from influence the state the oppresses you.  Especially since government gets its power (allegedly) from the "consent of the governed" not the Zionists coopt state resources that do not belong to them.

I hate AIPAC and all that emanates from it.  Most libertarians resent the state of Israel from what I can tell.

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