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Steve Jobs Did Not Use Alternative Medicine to Treat His Cancer

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limitgov Posted: Thu, May 31 2012 2:46 PM

I don't like hearing people say, alt. cancer treatments don't work, and one example is Steve Jobs...a billionaire, who used alt. cancer treatments unsuccessfully. 

Its not true.  I just read the Steve jobs biography.  When we was diagnosed, he started juicing fruits.

Most alternative cancer treatments work the same way, they

1) alkalize the body and

2) get rid of sugar intake.

Steve Jobs was breaking rule 2.  By juicing fruits, he was definetly taking in alot of sugar.

Anyway, after a little time, he found it was still there, in fact worse.  So, they operated and removed part of his pancreas.

So, big pharma did one of only 3 things they know how...(burn, slash, poison)...they slashed Steve. 
So, after his pancreas was partly removed, he could no longer digest proteins and certain other foods, since the pancreas produces enzymes that help us digest. 

After that, they ended up giving him a liver transplant and he took immune suppressing drugs and different types of chemo, because his cancer didn't go away.  They even sequenced his dna and his cancer tumors and did special targeted chemo...but still, he got worse and worse.


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Are you talking about cancer or diabetes?

Warburg was a Nobel Prize winning cell biologist who wrote, "Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." Many people who referred to his work in later years misquoted Warburg's statement by saying, "cancer loves sugar."

ow that we know more about the genetics of cancer, we know that cancer is not a mitochondrial dysfunction, but is caused by genetic mutations, such as appear on the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2. It is true that healthy cells and cancer cells convert their food to energy in different ways, but that difference is an effect, and not a cause, of cancer.

Consuming too many sugar calories can lead to obesity and high insulin levels, which would contribute to your increased cancer risk.

It's OK to eat some natural sugars on a daily basis. Sugar in your diet does not cause cancer to develop. Starving all of your cells of sugar won't kill or prevent cancer, but it will deprive your healthy cells of a necessary source of energy. Keeping a balance of nutritious foods and a regular exercise routine can give you a healthy body weight and normal insulin levels. That's the sweet way to reduce your cancer risk.

I'm not sure on the specifics, but the nat meds stuff I have seen tell you to eat shitake & reishi mushrooms and drink tea.

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The best way to prevent cancer is to eat an all natural diet, esp. a vegan one. Cooked and processed foods are known to cause cancer.

As well I think most modern medicine makes us sicker.

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I don't like hearing people say, alt. cancer treatments don't work, and one example is Steve Jobs...a billionaire, who used alt. cancer treatments unsuccessfully.  Its not true.

Even if it was true that Jobs used alternative treatments, that doesn't prove their claim.  Ask them if they've ever heard the phrase "logical fallacy"



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Malachi replied on Thu, May 31 2012 5:47 PM

Excess blood glucose has a variety of negative effects on the body, to include cancer, diabetes, irregular homeostasis-caused long term problems, etc. Different people have different problems but many of them stem from the same root cause, too many carbohydrates in the diet means elevated blood sugar (and its associated effects) means elevated insulin levels (a whole nother set of effects) + the wrong kinds of food means consumption of antinutrients means increased need for food consumption means becoming accustomed to eating more means regular overconsumption. The two malbehaviors have a synergistic effect.

there are a bunch of natural cancer treatments, I think dietary and topical application of hash oil would be worth a shot.


are you on a raw paleo diet? Also, do you know where I could find out aboriginal methods for rendering fat? I want to make wilderness pemmican.

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