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the San Francisco Model of Economic Adjustment

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Robert posted on Thu, Jun 7 2012 4:58 PM

Could some people please address from an Austrian Economics perspective.

It's a site that I have been referred to by advocates of TVP.


Thanks in advance for your assistance,


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Diffuse pendantic pretense.  I can't believe someone took the time to write all that.  Something like this would be attractive to Venus morons.  It would be much easier to just debunk them at the source (i.e. directly), instead of having to get sidetracked into this cesspool of verbose nonsense.

I mean, from the skimming I did, it seems these San Francisco people (whoever they are) have at least recognized some correct seems they recognize that the economy is made up of acting individuals, and you can't presume to talk about "the economy" without recognizing that it's nothing more than the aggregate actions made by the individuals.  This of course is one of the cornerstones of the Austrian understanding of economic science.

They also quote Thomas Sowell and Mises (believe it or not) when introducing the concept of value.  However, I can't make heads or tails of what these people actually hold to when it comes to all thse things, as their language is essentially incomprehensible (I think deliberately).  They include so much superfluous text, and go on so many tangents, and refer to so many things that aren't given proper introduction that the reader quickly gets lost in their sesquipedalian loquaciousness (see what I did there?) and loses interest before actually figuring out even a hint of the point they're trying to make.

I looked through a decent amount of their crap and I still have no idea what they're arguing.

Here's what I would do if I were you.  When anyone suggests that website to you, take some time, pretend to have looked through it pretty decently, and then respond: "Interesting.  What conclusions do you draw from that?"  Have fun watching them dance.  If they do actually manage to come up with some sort of response, ask them exactly which part they got that view from.  Then ask them what are the implications of that in light of [some other random part you pick.]


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