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A couple of newbie questions :\

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gotlucky Posted: Wed, Jul 11 2012 9:32 PM

Okay, so I have a post pending moderation, and I have three questions about that.

1) I notice that JJ stuffs one million links into his posts sometimes. How does he get by the threat of "post pending moderation"? Is it just through continuous editing and adding links after he posts it?

2) When my post was threatened (yes, threatened!) with post pending moderation, I noticed in the bottom right of the screen that it said that I could be whitelisted. Is this actually true? And if so, who do I talk to in order to get whitelisted?

3) Also, is there any mod I can pm in order to speed up the moderationg of my post?

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yeah, just PM me.


They just reactivated my old Mod name (William) today.


For now just PM the vive name, and I'll see what I can do.


I didn't notice any posts waiting moderation though when I logged in as William

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I really don't know why some posts are eaten and others aren't. It may be that JJ has a huge post count. When something automatically eaten the mods (well some of them at least) recieve an email saying stuff is there for moderation.

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