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Hypothetical for you guys, aka SCUTTLEBUTT

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Malachi posted on Sun, Jul 15 2012 4:53 PM
If there was a peer-to-peer, encrypted instant messaging network, that operated in such a way as to send a message cost a certain amount of (arbitrary units called) crypts, but you could also package any number of crypts you currently posessed to the recepient, and the cost in crypts would be to reward the users who helped disguise the recepient, author, and content of the message.

please keep in mind that this isnt bitcoin, nor is it intended primarily as money. Its intended to be a secure, peer-to-peer cryptographic instant message system that allows users to transfer balances, the units representing computing power available to send secure messages. Receiving a message costs nothing.

would you use it, on your mobile phone? As a replacement for sms, or email? Assume state of the art functionality.

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acft replied on Sun, Jul 15 2012 8:08 PM

This sounds like an interesting idea. Furthermore, I think with all of the snooping going on admittedly by the gov and other agencies public and private, the encrypted communications software business might be poised to explode soon.

Indeed, if technology could allow person x to communicate with person Y anonymously and/or privately, one could very easily sidestep many many government laws, and they know it.

Are you considerring investing in such a project? How much do you think it would cost to develop?

Oh yeah, and my use of it would depend on the content of the message and the purpose for the communication, likely something illicit (drugs or whores) or very personal or with sensitive information.

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