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European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation - ECAEF

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Sphairon Posted: Wed, Jul 18 2012 10:00 AM

Check this out:

They seem to host an annual conference. This year's topic was "The End of the Rule of Law", albeit with a Eurocentric slant.

They don't appear to be deovted AnCaps, but hey, any educational activity helps, right?

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Wheylous replied on Wed, Jul 18 2012 11:46 AM


In short, Austrian Economics thus is characterized by its 5 tenets:

Methodological Individualism: To explain economic phenomena we have to go back to the actions or inactions of individuals, due to the fact that collectives cannot act.

Methodological Subjectivism: To explain economic phenomena we have to go back to the judgments and choices made by individuals in accordance with the particular circumstances of time and place, and the expectations they entertain concerning external developments and consequences.

Marginal Utility Analysis: In all decisions, the values, costs, revenues, productivity, etc. are determined by the significance of the last unit added to or subtracted from the total.

Opportunity Cost: The costs with which economic actors calculate reflect the alternative opportunities that must be foregone.

Individual Time Structure of Production and Consumption: All decisions to save reflect the time preferences concerning acts of consumption in the immediate, distant, or unforeseeable future. The future expected selling price always determines our current outlays.

Damn good.

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Nielsio replied on Wed, Jul 18 2012 12:19 PM

This stuff is impressive.

After looking around their website and some googling,

It appears a whole bunch of royal family of Liechtenstein are and have been involved with that organization. As far as I can see the 37th in line of the throne is the most active, followed by the 9th in line, and the 1st in line has also been a bit involved, and they list the current ruling prince as well in the sidebar, although I didn't yet find what his involvement is.

Anthony the Jasay has given lectures in at least the 2005 and 2006 conferences.

I guess Hans Hoppe wasn't joking when he said he was in contact with these people.


Throne info:

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whakaheke replied on Wed, Jul 18 2012 6:37 PM

ECAEF also has a yearly essay competition that anyone under 30 is free to enter (geared toward students) and includes a paid trip to Liechtenstein from anywhere plus sizeable cash prizes: -- it's a great time and a beautiful little libertarian country.

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Wheylous replied on Wed, Jul 18 2012 7:45 PM

My initial reaction: Hey, I should join that!

My reaction after reading glancing at the papers of previous winners: Holy crap am I inadequateley prepared.

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