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Bane’s Revolution

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Gero Posted: Fri, Aug 3 2012 4:48 PM

For those of you who saw The Dark Knight Rises (if you didn’t see it, go to the theater ASAP), I am confused about Bane’s ultimate goal.

Did he want to give Gotham residents a chance to change and he wouldn’t let the nuclear device explode or was he going to detonate the bomb the whole time and was only deceiving Gotham residents? If he was deceiving Gotham residents, what was the point of the revolution? He already had power. Bane betrayed those two finance guys that are shown early in the film. One is killed by Bane while the other gets a show trial, so he tricked his own allies.

What do you think?

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I'm pretty sure he just wanted Gotham to fall to the ultimate depths before he destroyed it once and for all.

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Student replied on Fri, Aug 3 2012 5:15 PM


I thought they clarified at the end that Bane wasn't a revolutionary or even in charge of his army. He was only serving as a Lt. for what's her name and they both wanted to destroy the city all along. 

Why did they hide behind the revolution? I was a little confused about that too. I think it goes back to Bane's comment that you can't truly despair without hope. If they knew their situation was hopeless, they would resolve themselves to the end. If Gotham had hope that either a revolution was truly comming to Gotham, they would truly despair when the revolution failed to reach its promise.

At least that's how I took it. But even that explaination is kinda unsatisfying. 

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Talia and Bane's ultimate goal was to complete Ra's Al Ghul's (Batman Begin's antagonist) plan to destroy Gotham.

Ra's wanted to destroy Gotham because he believed the city had become too corrupt. I haven't read too many comics showing Ra's, but from little I know Ra's is an eco-terrorist. I'm assuming he wants to destroy large urban cities or something?

What I don't get is why bother with the revolution? It felt like the sort of chaos that the Joker would want. If the League of Shadows wanted to destroy Gotham, why not just destroy it with the bomb and be done with it? What was the point of the revolution if everyone in it would die anyway? Or did he hope that the 'revolution' would spread from Gotham to the outside world that way?

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I think that many movies, TDKR included, rely heavily on the suspension of disbelief to get audiences to invest in the story.

The point is to entertain after all.  Watching Gotham get attacked like that is visceral.  The stakes felt higher for me than they did in TDK, perhaps because while Joker was nuts it almost seemed like he just wanted to play games with Batman and Harvey whereas for Bane and the League of Shadows the ultimate goal is in fact the complete destruction of Gotham.

Once the tension is raised to that level and the threat becomes existential not just for Batman but for Gotham in general it becomes emotionally satisfying (imo) to watch The Dark Knight Rise (I thought the title was awesome if you can't tell) to the challenge.

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He was bored.

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