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Horray! $16 Trillion!

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Wheylous Posted: Wed, Sep 5 2012 9:56 AM

National Debt hits 16 tril

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Bogart replied on Wed, Sep 5 2012 11:30 AM

We hare playing a weird game of inverse limbo that will result in a tumble just like limbo.  Only this version involves all of hummanity even if those humans don't want to play.

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Luminar replied on Sat, Sep 22 2012 10:06 PM


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eliotn replied on Sat, Sep 22 2012 10:12 PM


National Debt hits 16 tril"

Better default or the taxes will suck.


Schools are labour camps.

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xahrx replied on Sat, Sep 22 2012 11:06 PM

Nah, we out it to ourselves!  Which I guess means I can go to the government and tell them I've decided to default on myself without penalty and absolve myself of any and all current and future debt obligations.  Then I'm going to buy Montana and Florida.

"I was just in the bathroom getting ready to leave the house, if you must know, and a sudden wave of admiration for the cotton swab came over me." - Anonymous
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Norgath replied on Sat, Sep 22 2012 11:34 PM

Go team America...

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Anenome replied on Sun, Sep 23 2012 12:15 AM

So, the repubs are upset. Yet they're unwilling to even make the case for diminished spending. They only marginally support reductions in the rate of growth. Ridiculous.

I'm so over expecting anything out of the republicans. If they're not betraying they're principles on buget and economic issues they're calling for ethical collectivism in the form of legislating morality or some stupid thing like that.

See, it was easy for the socialists to take over the democratic power--they actually believe in government power and are willing to use it to accomplish their goals. It was a natural fit.

People seem to think libertarians can do the same thing with the repubs.

But we can't.

Because there's an innate contradiction in holding government power and libertarian convictions against institutional aggression. Those who have gone the path of powerseeking have more often than not been corrupted and forced to abandon principle. Those few unwilling to abandon principle, namley Ron Paul, have been sidelined and marginalized, unable to achieve traction within the system, despite an entire life devoted to such.

And now the repubs failed even to stop a healthcare takeover and will soon be just as neutered over it as they are about saying anything about medicare or social security. All because they fear loss of power and can only get and maintain power by catering to the common delusions.

This dam has got to blow. One day.

Autarchy: rule of the self by the self; the act of self ruling.
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dsailer replied on Sun, Sep 23 2012 9:47 PM

does anyone else think QE3 is about nothing more than debasing to deal with debt? They've thrown in the towel on inflation, unemployment and the economy in general.

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Jargon replied on Sun, Sep 23 2012 10:02 PM

It's about insulating the Big 4 from the uncertain date on which there will be a credit event in Europe and a massive whiplash will make itself over to them. Then they will need cheap money.

Land & Liberty

The Anarch is to the Anarchist what the Monarch is to the Monarchist. -Ernst Jünger

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