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Bill Clinton's ominous interest rate increase warnings

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Aristophanes Posted: Sun, Sep 23 2012 7:28 PM

Did anyone else catch the two warnings Bill Clinton has given in public about rising interest rates?

The first was in his speech at the DNC and the second was on the Daily Show last week.

From the DNC speech transcript:

Now let's talk about the debt.  Today, interest rates are low, lower than the rate of inflation.  People are practically paying us to borrow money, to hold their money for them.  But it will become a big problem when the economy grows and interest rates start to rise. We've got to deal with this big long-term debt problem or it will deal with us.  It'll gobble up a bigger and bigger percentage of the federal budget we'd rather spend on education and health care and science and technology.  It -- we've got to deal with it.

Then on the Daily Show..."If we don't deal with them they will deal with us." (laughs)
Billy is an insider.  Is he dropping hints that the next administration will have to deal with rising interest rates or is he trying to elect Obama with fearmongering about such an esoteric issue?  I have a tough time thinking that the average person grasps the implications of just a 3% interest rates, you know? 
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Yeah, I noticed this too.  Perhaps it is the start of publicising this issue in order to promote a particular 'solution' of his friends' choosing.  Remember, the key to propaganda is an element of truth.

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