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Help! all Univ. Healthcare Articles into cohesive whole

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The Texas Trigger Posted: Tue, Sep 25 2012 7:57 PM

Ok so I had an idea. It seems there is a lot of recent discussion on the forums about univ. healthcare. Unfortunately, to the best of my ability, I cannot find a book that discusses this very topic alone; I only found long articles, posts, and mises dailies. 

Here is my plan. I am going to basically scour and perhaps a few other sites that wont mind flagrant copy and pasting, and I will attempt to divide up not just the articles and dailies themselves, but also divide the text within each article and daily by category as it results to Univ healthcare vs free market healthcare. My hope is, by the end of it, to have basically the equivalent of a book. Doing this will allow readers wanting to learn more about free market healthcare and the US and other systems of healthcare to peruse the book as they see fit. They wont have to scour all of the articles to find the info they want. It will all be neatly formulated and organized into one giant text.

Here is where I need your help. So far I have thought of several categories with which to divide the wisdom into. Here they are:


-Licensing limits supply

-Governments current budgeting record

-Current models in the US and various other countries (may divide by top ten most touted univ. healthcare systems)

-Unusual accounting methods

-Poor statistic conformity

-Moral argument

-Level of current regulation

-How the US used to function


Obviously this is just a start. Perhaps you could suggest refinement, or how you would organize and divide info for such a "book". Feel free to eliminate some of these, add others.

I also need as many suggestions for articles as possible. I have already amassed direct links to many, thanks indirectly to JJ and a few others who have compiled links on these topics, but more would be nice.

After I am done (it will take me a long time), if some of the more prominent members of the forum could read it, edit it, review it for accuracy, make it more concise, eliminate double instances of info, etc... that would be great. I am hoping Clayton, JJ, Autoykos, Wheylous, Vive, Muffinberg, and maybe a few others I am neglecting to mention might be up to this task, if time allows them of course.

This is a topic that deserves a giant "treatise" or "book", if you will, and best of all, this bok wont just come from one of our Mises scholars, but all of them who have written on the topic, as well as some of you I hope.  

What do you all think? I am willing to put the time and effort into making a rough first draft if a few of you will volunteer to do some of the other tasks (suggest organization format, providing more sources, and final review). I will of course be adding some original language into the document for purposes of linking the ideas, however, my goal is that 99% of the actual text will be direct quotes form Mises scholars and forum posts that I found to be interesting, novel, or original, all with minimal formatting.

Please reply to this thread and private message me. 

"If men are not angels, then who shall run the state?" 

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This sounds like a pretty decent idea.  It's also probably pretty do-able, as a lot of content is available from Mises and published under CC-by-3.0.

I assume you've gotten all the links from

Health care (and the links included in some of the links),

as well as

Liberty HQ: Heathcare


The categories look pretty good for now, but I think if you go through enough of those sources you'll be able to refine them.  I'm certainly willing to help edit and review.

This might even be a good project to be managed on the Mises Wiki.  There is currently an issue with new user account creation, but anyone who'd like an account there can PM me with the username you'd like and I can have it created for you.


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Wheylous replied on Wed, Sep 26 2012 8:14 AM

Thanks, JJ, for covering my part. As a side note, I prefer that this link be used:

The link you give was the old link, which is not dynamic. The above link uses a database and allows for greater site function.

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