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If you don't mind... tell your MBTI

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No2statism Posted: Tue, Oct 2 2012 8:47 AM

I'm an ENTP even though I can be mistaken for an introvert because I'm an Aspie and anti-psychotics tend to make me more lifeless.   I hope that wasn't "TMI" (not a term I usually use) for anyone and that I don't get banned for it, but I felt I should tell more of who I am.

I've noticed most austrians are not Sensing... people here seem to appreciate intuition and I was worried that perhaps sensing people are too emotional rather than logical enough to be Austrians.  hyper-Keynesian theory prays on those who don't value intuition and winds up hurting us all.  Judging from my mom, she can't seem to handle intuition (it overloads her senses) and thank god my dad is very intuitive like myself and we wind up being predicting future events a lot better than my mom can.  Perhaps Mises didn't advocate abolition of the state because he could've believed human action held the state together for all I know.  I've noticed some things Rothbard said aren't 100%, but he comes the closest to 100% for sure.

Also, the fact that Obama may have the same personality type as Rothbard is good indication that Obama is probably a puppet since Rothbard wasn't.  I was going to talk about a coup dtat I'm imagining Santorum may be planning, but some would might find it offensive or disturbing.  However, I think more people need to face reality and if enough people here want to hear it, then I'd love to tell it.

Finally, I do not want to get taken away by agents of the state and I am very worried about that, getting tortured, and then sterilized if they haven't done that to me already... I mean, I had to wait two hours in the doctor's office (not their fault) yesterday just to get a prescription for this damn ear infection I've had (as of which the govt could've enabled).  Licensure is killing us and it may or may not improve the overall quality of life (which can't be objectively measured overall), but the govt certainly has no inherent rights to regulate what I put in my ear (nor may it ever rightfully exist at all for that matter).  All of that said,  I think the (Leviathan) state sucks ass.

Again, I wish there was some way I didn't come off as a firebrand to "virgin ears" because I don't want to offend anyone.  Let me know what you think: )

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I think more people need to face reality and if enough people here want to hear it, then I'd love to tell it.

I am very curious. We can take it. Damn the torpedoes and let's hear the whole thing.

My humble blog

It's easy to refute an argument if you first misrepresent it. William Keizer

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Rothbard and Obama share personality types?

I just took one of the exams and came out as "INTJ". Not sure what it means. 

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Bogart replied on Tue, Oct 2 2012 3:27 PM

I have found that truth from logic is in most cases contradictory to intuition.  It is the intuition of individuals that is flawed.  For example, Obama claimed that he saved the USA Auto industry and saved 16000 or 1.6million jobs.  Obama redirected money stolen for the use by super-rich bankers to less rich auto companies so they could maintain their high priced unionized work forces.  The intuition of many is that Obama did save jobs when in reality the jobs saved are the seen tip of the rest of an iceberg of job loss and impoverishment.  Similarly, Romney does not want to cut any government programs because the jobs lost there would hurt the economy.  The intution of many is that this makes sense.  Again the reality is directly contrary to this especially if the government jobs (Like those created for the Dodd-Frank bill or Sarbanes-Oxley) are preventing entrepreneurs from developing new products and businesses.

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@mike: That's good you have the personality you do: )  The I means you like you live in your head and being around other people exhausts your energy.  The N means you conceptualize using your imagination rather than taking things how you see them at face value.  The T means you don't give special treatment to people... you have a hard time seeing everyone differently.  The J means you work better with deadlines and you would expect others to meet deadlines you set.  Rothbard may have died early because he spent more time conceptualizing all the wonderful ideas in his brain than he did trying to go on a healthy diet... he may not have given his hygiene a priority and he may have worn torn up clothes. He probably didn't shave every day.  He likely gave asthetics little value.  I'm like that and I just have to find someone who will put up with it.  I have more men to "compete with" because there are only but so many women whom I will fit all that well... according to celebrity types,  I go best with INFJs which Dr. Paul and Jefferson were.  It's a shame that Jefferson is so misread as being materialistic and a slave owner when both of those are far from the truth.  Jefferson differed from Dr. Paul very little... Jefferson didn't really like the British because he felt they were oppressing America but he cared about order and peace for his own people (i.e., white American men).  Dr. Paul seems to care for the poor and the underdog and perhaps holds a grudge against the wealthy who make their money from govt intervention.  However, they aren't the deepest thinkers because if Jefferson could've known that Wilson would've misread his "empire of liberty" statement, then the former would've made damn sure he didn't say it so that someone like Wilson couldn't get that idea.  Dr. Paul said something like the "first Amendment is inherenty democratic"... think about that.  I knew what he meant (he was trying to tell the majoritarians that majoritarianism may not have its desired effect) but Jefferson read the 1st amendment wrong and would very much find dr, paul's aforementioned statement to be in grave error.

@ bogart: That can be true, but look at Hillary Clinton and Michele Bachmann... they lack any original thought and repeat what they're told all the time and when people think they're intelligent it hurts society because the intuitives like Herman Cain deserve all of the credit for Bachmann's ideas (although to her credit, she did give him credit).  Lincoln, Hitler, and Sherman were intuitive monsters and logical... they got what they wanted even though society lost.  I guess it could be said the intuitives are more meant to be in the intellectual arena.

Hillary Clinton made it through law school mostly from determination... she is very strong willed, illogical and incredibly emotional.   I believe there is a reason that she has kept her college records sealed while I also think Obama would release his... but only if he thought he had good reason to do so.  In other words, Obama was probably just advised to while Hillary Clinton probably just copied her smarter friends.  Sensing people just turn intuitive people off... it's because they start talking about stuff they act like they know everything about then are wrong, can't admit it because of what they've been told and is instilled in their mind.  However,  at the same time, sensing people just find no value in intuition... it took me forever to figure out why all the sensing girls thought I was retarded when I would start making fart jokes (I mentioned that my neighbor had a "fart attack" to someone I thought would care about me and then she hasn't really talked to me sense) while my fellow intuitives would find it funny... I once kept on cyber stalking and asking friends about a sensing girl I liked one time and could never figure out quite why she hated me and wouldn't give me a chance at being her friend at all.  Eventually I got a response from her and after that I finally replied something like, "well you're physically superior, but you're mentally inferior so no worries... my TRUE friends will **** the cops up if you call them on me and I'm not going to try to befriend you anymore"  That said, I just finally forgot about her because she couldn't appreciate anything I said or did for her.

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I took one from here:

I got ESFP

I never trust these kinds of tests because i found that i typically answer the questions based on who i want to be than who i really am.

I think it would be wayyyyy more accurate if a close relative or personal friend answered questions about you.

If anything i ought to take a more complicated test.

This one was a bit longer, tho  i got:


People tell me that i am not caring enough. However i feel as if i have great potential to care for others emtionally and talk to other people. I just havent gotten the chance to do so. I like solitude but at the same time will rot without others at my side. I use logical reasoning and facts for some decisions and others i feel my guts. I think that no one has a set type of personality. We all change on different circumstances. How boring would life be if we knew what everyone else was like?

“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
"The sweetest of minds can harbor the harshest of men.”

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Obama has strong Fe, seems to be ENFJ.

Rothbard IMO seems to be ENTJ. Extraverted personality and logical speech, plays to win, a Te dominant  with a  good grasp on ideas(Ni). 

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I have found that truth from logic is in most cases contradictory to intuition.

The definition for the intuition trait used in Myers Briggs testing is not the definition that comes, well, intuitively, to you. Many of the labels used by Myers briggs don't mean what you think they mean, and I have always had a problem with their labels. So, Bogart, intuitive does not mean what you think it means in this case.

see the following: 

"The second pair of psychological preferences is Sensing and Intuition. Do you pay more attention to information that comes in through your five senses (Sensing), or do you pay more attention to the patterns and possibilities that you see in the information you receive (Intuition)?"

You could equate sensing with empirical and intuitive with skeptical and cold logic. I think I remember reading that about 85% of the population is sensing, and it is in my experience that my friends who fall more under the sensing trait tend to be more sheep-like (or sheeple, as we like to call them). No offense to the Sensing people out there. This might explain why so many people out there have no idea what they are saying. They are followers, regurgitaters who cannot think for themselves.

The rest of us are Intuitive; highly logical, read between the lines, and tend to be more objective. I too am an ENTP, N = iNtuitive. 


Obama redirected money stolen for the use by super-rich bankers to less rich auto companies so they could maintain their high priced unionized work forces.  The intuition of many is that Obama did save jobs when in reality the jobs saved are the seen tip of the rest of an iceberg of job loss and impoverishment.

Even using your definition of intuitive (the more traditional and commonly understood definition) I don't see how this displays any use of intuition on the part of the people. To me is shows fallacy in logic more than anything else. 


"If men are not angels, then who shall run the state?" 

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