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Presidential Debate - DRINKING GAME!

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TronCat Posted: Wed, Oct 3 2012 4:00 PM

Drink if either candidate: 

Addresses his opponent in the 3rd person 
Compliments his opponent’s personal life or family 
Ignores a question by addressing the audience 
Argues with the moderator 

Drink if Barack Obama: 

Says “Let me be clear” 
References Bain Capital 
Blames the previous administration 
Says “Millionaires” or “Billionaires” 

Drink if Mitt Romney: 

Touts his plan to create 12 million jobs 
Says “entrepreneurs” or “small business” 
Brings up Ronald Reagan 
Says “private sector” 

Special Rules: 

If a candidate goes over their allowed time, CHUG UNTIL THE HOST STOPS THEM. 
If either candidate says “Romneycare” or Obamacare,” RAISE YOUR DRINK. The last player to raise their drink must finish it. 

FINISH YOUR DRINK if Obama brings up Romney’s 47% remarks. 

FINISH YOUR DRINK If Romney brings up Obama’s “doing fine” gaffe.


CAUTION: Do not risk drinking every time a candidate lies. 


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Dude, I'd be dead from alcohol poisoning.

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Malachi replied on Wed, Oct 3 2012 4:03 PM
Thats pretty good but I dont drink anymore.
Keep the faith, Strannix. -Casey Ryback, Under Siege (Steven Seagal)
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Prime replied on Wed, Oct 3 2012 4:03 PM

Drink in reference to the term "fair share" or "Buffett".

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eliotn replied on Wed, Oct 3 2012 8:21 PM


My roomate is listening to this stuff to learn english.

Schools are labour camps.

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Anenome replied on Thu, Oct 4 2012 12:57 AM

You guys actually wasted time watching the "debate"? >_>

Autarchy: rule of the self by the self; the act of self ruling.
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I watched like 40 minutes of it till my ears started bleeding from the lies.

Then i could take it no more.

“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
"The sweetest of minds can harbor the harshest of men.”

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