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Human Action vs. the Holocaust.

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No2statism Posted: Thu, Oct 4 2012 5:26 PM

Do the two conflict with each other?  I was thinking they do.  "Let me be clear" that I am no anti-semite at all and I don't think the Holocaust theory was a coordinated effort of it's direct victims.  I also think that Himmler's "Final Solution" was not mistranslated by mainstream historians.  I actually think it may have been Hitler's indecisiveness that prevented Himmler from doing what the latter really wanted to do.  However, Hitler was pretty much the German state incarnate and he was irrational so he got only half of what he wanted done.  If I believed in reincarnation, then I'd believe that Hitler was perhaps Lincoln reincarnated as they're just too similar... they were both conservative nationalists, they were both intellectuals (FDR didn't write a book and he was totally unoriginal unlike the 2 Conservative party politicians), and they both had the same exact economic policy.  They also had a lot of similar life issues, like their hatred of their fathers, the love of their mothers (or at least Lincoln loved his step mother) and they were like the only people they really loved other than their wives.  They also were natives of border states who turned against their own.  Their popular vote average was even similar or at least less than 50% cumulative... neither was democratically elected, but they became popular by giving their troops cash and a whole lot of other stolen property.

Anyway, due to that I have to say I'm more of a leftist because I support equality before the law which only confederalism can perform (the Articles of Confederation was classically liberal, the Federalist Party's US Constitution was meant to control, trick, and deceive the people)... I favor abolition of all govt, but I think Mises may have not advocated 100% abolition because 100% doesn't last in this world and he realized it would've been silly to advocate for abolition of the state.  I think the Articles of Confederation was the best devised by man (it was like pure goodness from the sky, like the American Jeffersonian Declaration of Independence while the Federalists were legislative, pro-executive demons), but evil, power loving men may not give it a chance... they need intellectuals like Hamilton and Lincoln to trick the people, most of who will fall for it.  The state has a near monopoly on history and education only goes but so far because there are people who can't stand change for themselves or for others.  I wish this world was not so imperfect because the intellectual class is divided.   Hamiltonian statism does revolt against nature the most, but classical liberalism will exist for 1/3 at most at any given time because most people are too easily manipulated... and that's a crying shame.

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