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Academic Degree in the Philosophy of Economics? Is it worth it?

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Sarah Kotyk Posted: Sun, Oct 14 2012 9:21 AM


Hello ,
Here's my problem: 
Since I want to become an individual investor. I'm seeking out the non-typical path which is through formal study in educational institutions. This is to prepare me with more knowledge than one without formal study would have - in other words arming me to the teeth. I know that one doesn't need any formal qualifications to become an individual investor but I perfer to be "armed" before I enter my designation. 
In terms of formal study , I was thinking of a degree in the philosophy of economics because there are so many problems with mainstream economics that learning it would be a disadvantage. 
The philosophy of economics seems to be a good choice because of the very fact that it is an uncommon route that is relevant to the subject (hence one may appeal to employers because one is uncommon/rare). It shows that you are a deep thinker as philosophy involves questions to think about which can be "deep" in nature. Also , philosophy itself helps one to be enlightened about deep questions on things. Though not necessarily solving such matters most of the time , much of the time it still provides hints on which action to take (as knowledge increases about the question , that is). Thus is could provide guidance on what actions to take when one is attempting to gain from the markets. 
I still have doubt though , alot of doubt. 
That's why I have a set of questions I would like to ask to those who may know if this is the right action to take:
-do you feel as if you have a general sense of direction in terms of what to do to take advantage of the markets after you have studied the philosophy of economics?
-Do you regret studying the philosophy of economics? If so what would you have studied instead? 
-What skills have you acquired after completing it?
-What other knowledge do you have that would be important for me to acknowledge in my context?
Thank's for reading. I hope you help me resolve this dilemmia. 
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Malachi replied on Sun, Oct 14 2012 9:51 AM
Its a very personal decision, I wont argue against formal education but you should probably start investing small or hypothetical amounts now.
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