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TJR jammed the Maine half-way knowing that he would cause its explosion and the SpanAM war and how to get away from the state.

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No2statism Posted: Wed, Oct 17 2012 7:19 AM

Human action and especially the state scare me because of that.  We've all been agents of the state in some way, some more than others, it sucks, and I need get far away, safely, non aggressively, and happily, because Romney is probably going to be the Tool of Terror.

That said, I either need to die a natural death very soon or get to somewhere where the inhabitants are anti-statist because I refuse to continue to serve the state.  I also don't want to see what Washington is capable of.

Timothy McVeigh was the same way as Theodore Roosevelt...  he violated the NAP but didn't realize it. He wasn't the biggest violator of the NAP in the OKC bombing plot, and I'm sure Clinton was given drugs or a "bad" environment when or after he signed off on it because he said he wanted to punch a hole in the TV screen... Is it half reason and half-excuse or something else?

Psychology explains the state and human action very well.  I never took a psychology course in school and I'm glad I didn't because they would not have related it to the state knowing the school system... it would've hurt my grades if I had taken it because most professors don't want to hear or know about the state.

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Malachi replied on Wed, Oct 17 2012 6:45 PM
I feel you, dude, but please understand that the state is not what makes people evil. People are evil all by themselves, and they would be just as shitty in a private law society. They would just be smarter about it because it would be harder to get away with the really obvious stuff, like currency manipulation.
Keep the faith, Strannix. -Casey Ryback, Under Siege (Steven Seagal)
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I agree. Thank you for replying.

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