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Critiquing Post-Keynesian

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EEmr posted on Wed, Oct 24 2012 6:22 PM

I want to make a thread that gathers critiques of Post-Keynesian, because many current Keynesians and in general statists economists attempt to use their claims and rhetoric to "save themselves"(from what ? From the current discrediting of mainstream economics).

Here is a review of Steve Keens book Debunking Economics by Robert Murphy and Gene Callahan. Its the 2001 version.

Review of Uncertainty in Economic Thought 

Review of The Keynes Solution: The Path to Global Prosperity - Paul Davidson by David Gordon

"Do Central Banks Really Inflate? No, Say the Post-Keynesians" - Frank Shostak

"Does the Current Financial Crisis Vindicate the Economics of Hyman Minsky?" - Frank Shostak

Critique of "Destabilizing a Stable Economy" - "krazy kuju"

"MInsky Having a Moment" - Robert Blumen 
A short commentary on Hyman Minsky

Hummel on Graeber - David Henderson
Reviews shortly David Graebers book.

Origin of the Specie - Robert P. Murphy
A Review of David Graebers book "Debt: The First 5000 years"

Steve Keen Mistakes on ABCT and the Austrians - "EEmr"

Refutation of Marx/Keen critique of Says Law - Smiling Dave

I also suggest all knowledgeable forum posters, take a Minsky/Keen article and examine it.

Others are:
Michael Kalecki
Abba Lerner
Joan Robinson
Michael Hudson
Lars Syll
Basil Moore

People who have something else to post that is for example, should be banned:
Argumentation between Post-Keynesian vs Austrian (this is supposed to be a resource page, not an eternal discussion between "socialdemocracy21" and austrian users)

Mocking or useless statements concerning either PKs or Austrian economics

Make your own topic for that purpose

But suggestions are welcome and also contributions to the collection  :)

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EEmr replied on Wed, Jan 30 2013 1:51 PM

Nice to see that this is still alive.

Found a decent post today

Sraffallacies: A Misesian Defense of ABCT (I) :

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