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Pro-immigration love song/video -- "Coyote Song"

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QuisCustodiet Posted: Mon, Nov 5 2012 7:41 PM

The lead singer/founder of Bright Eyes is no libertarian, but this song and video makes a pretty convincing case for a laissez-faire immigration policy. It's about two love birds separated by the US-Mexico boarder, where the video is shot. It really gets the point across how arbitrary and unjustified such government restrictions are between these two people, especially in the last scene when he's standing in front of the fence.

The song's kind of ballady, but I like it.

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Bogart replied on Tue, Nov 6 2012 1:37 PM

What does being "pro-immigration" mean? or anti-immigration for that matter?  If you mean being for or against the US Federal Government making the lives of people on both sides of the borders of the USA miserable then I am against that?

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