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How do we feel about the electoral college?

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Aristophanes Posted: Tue, Nov 6 2012 11:35 PM

Is it necessary to make sure that lesser populated states have equal representation in the Federal government?


Or is it a prevention of democracy?

If Obama wins the college, but loses the popular vote the right will turn on the Constitution just as quickly as the leftists.  The next thing in line in the destruction of the U.S. tradition will be the electoral college.

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I really dont care.

We arent constitutionalists and we ought not act like it.

However, i have a question though:

How come while i was watching the propaganda, it said romney had a mere 40% compared to obamas, but most of the state was colored red? Isnt red repupublican (which may i add is also the color of communists)?

Is electoral college votes proportional to the amount of popular vote that one gets or if not, then whats the point of even having popular votes?

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Not proportional.

ECs are handed out in proportion to number of Congressmen (1 Congressman = 1 elector). I believe it's up to the state in how they select those votes. All bar 2 (Maine and Nebraska) are winner-take-all. The other 2 have a rather complicated means of apportioning their EC votes.

Actually, under the Constitution, I do not believe it is legal for an elector to be bound to a vote. However, all electors are establishment hacks, and won't go against the grain. Like the establishment delegates in the primary process.

The popular vote is there as a pointless statistic, but also to drive up controversy when the PV is higher for one candidate and the EC votes higher for the other. Any excuse to convert people towards a more majoritian system. The Dems would love it.

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We arent constitutionalists

"We"? ;)

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Wasn't Rothbard a Constitutionalist? I mean, an anarchist one, but still.

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