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Contribution of red and blue states

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FlyingAxe posted on Mon, Nov 12 2012 8:04 PM

Where does the myth of red states contributing to the US Treasury more than blue states come from?

It seems to contradict this figure:


Am I missing something?

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cab21 replied on Mon, Nov 12 2012 8:15 PM

where does that myth come from? i have never seen it.

red states as a whole get more spending per dollar than blue states

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It's not a myth.
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Answered (Not Verified) Walden replied on Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:16 PM
Suggested by No2statism

I always hear the opposite brought out by lefties to call red states socialist or whatever.

Red states are on average larger territories, thus more spending on interstate roads and more military bases which would certainly inflate those figures but are ostensibly beneficial to blue states as well.

Blue states overwhelmingly have more people collecting actual welfare. California alone has more welfare recipients than the population of many red states. If you looked at welfare expenditures, I'd wager many red states come out ahead so maybe that is the figure you are thinking of.

Also note NM went blue last election and is #1 IIRC. (D.C. is another disgustingly huge outlier).

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I believe that VA and MD get a lot because they're right next to DC.

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