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Entertainment for Libertarians

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The first kick-ass episode.

But doesn't portraying people in the drug trade as bad further our argument? The fact that these goons wouldn't have any business whatsoever if drugs weren't considered a crime?

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Penn & Teller are both openly libertarians, I believe. Their show Bullshit has some interesting episodes.

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Neodoxy replied on Sat, Nov 24 2012 8:17 PM

I completely agree, but this requires the logic of drug legalization to already be in mind. This is to say that if you know the arguments for drug legalization then you will see their truth reflected in Breaking Bad. If you have never heard those arguments then you may well become more pro-drug war. I can't see anyone who doesn't know the arguments for drug legalization who is brought to "our side" by Breaking Bad.

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Also, Rescue Me actually it could be libertarian...well...I don't know. It's about post-9/11 firefighters, and one of them is a truther. Plus, there's none of that flag-waving nationalistic bullshit. It's all about the trauma, and it's gritty.


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Larry David's concern with social conventions is really interesting to me. Both Seinfeld and Curb are great at making people think about undesigned and voluntarily practiced customs.

But some obvious shows for libertarians:

Homeland (helmed by the creators of 24, but much, much more ambiguous than that show)

Firefly, and its feature film Serenity (Whedon's next show, Dollhouse, was also big on individualism, contracts, corporatism, etc.; can't speak for his previous shows, Buffy and Angel)

Deadwood (order emerging from the bottom up)

The Wire (unintentional dramatization of public choice critique)

Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister (intentional dramatization of public choice; the co-creator said "public choice economics... was at the root of almost every episode")

The Thick of It and Veep

Curb your Enthusiasm is hillarious. Larry comes across as an asshole due to all his faux-pas, and I like how it's executed. Like you said, it incorporates many aspects of social etiquette and while the producer may or may not have liberarian inclinations, I think it does a good job of showcasing voluntary arrangements in practice, particularly wrt the consequences of Larry's acting like a dick. I've not seen the majority of those shows. Some of them I might pick up. I like sci fi/fantasy offerings, so Firefly is an obvious pick.

I think Game of Thrones is pretty good from a libertarian perspective too, because it touches upon some of the downfalls of the state and its lust for power, even under monarchies. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I like how it shows that under monarchies there is more of a personal element involved, with each noble house risking its own resources in its vie for power. I intend to pick up Spartacus soon as well.

Mostly I tend to watch TV or play games purely for entertainment/escapism rather than didactic purposes, so as per the above I opt for shows with a supernatural theme to them, e.g. Supernatural (hur dur), Grimm, The Secret Circle, Charmed, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, GoT etc., as well as series with a decent plot like Revenge (although their inept attempt at incorporating the whole 99%/1% myth pissed me off) or Desperate Housewives. Homeland might come under this rubric.

The Elder Scrolls Online will probably consume a good deal of my free time upon its release. :p

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