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What was the Old Left?

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No2statism Posted: Sun, Dec 9 2012 9:24 PM

I was wondering what the difference between the Old Left and the Old Right were.

Were the French Revolutionaries of the Old Left?

I know what the New Left and the OId Right are as well as what the New Right are.

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Yes, I think the Old Left were the classical liberals.  The American and French revolutions were the old left.  I think the Old Right are the ones who stuck with "liberty" and isolation and the new left are the ones that go with "progress" and cooperation.

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To my mind, "Old Left" brings to mind  the Democratic Party of Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, as well as the overt Communists and Soviet fellow travelers of the of the 20's through the 40's - hardcore, proletarian, machine guns, and running street battles kind of Leftism. While the "New Left" of the 60's onward is basically the same thing, but with a new and softer image.

I don't think of classical liberals as belonging to the Left in any sense.

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