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Personal Ethics Question re: part-time job campaigning

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Ytterbium Posted: Wed, Dec 12 2012 8:16 PM

Hello, Mises Community. Long time no post. Anyways, I'm a sophomore in college currently looking at January break employment around my area. I received a call back from a campagin organization wanting to interview me to help canvass on lgbt rights in the workplace...specifically, on a bill to illegalize sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. 

Of course as an anarchocapitalist I don't support government mandates like that...and we know over history that many activists for equality have argued only for legal equality, not socially-enforced equality...

And yes, I know, it's canvassing for bills within the political machine, but on the other hand...talking to others does get people to think twice. 

So my question: how would you go about tactfully explaining your beliefs in such an interview? My plan is to ask to canvass for other issues like drug legalization, 1st amendment protection, civil liberties threatened by 'national security', police brutality, due process, etc... 

Any wisdom would be appreciated!!!

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idol replied on Wed, Dec 12 2012 10:04 PM

You should just say that you are more passionate about those other areas and you believe you would be most beneficial to the organization in those other areas. It would be incredibly difficult to explain why you are against government enforced social equality without alienating the interviewer.

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Egon replied on Fri, Jan 25 2013 9:51 AM

I would explain that I support equal rights for LGBTers and heterosexuals, and leave it at that.  

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