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Strip Search Of 10-Year-Old Prompts Complaint Against Elementary School

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gotlucky Posted: Sat, Dec 15 2012 10:30 PM


Strip Search Of 10-Year-Old Prompts Complaint Against Elementary School

Not only a ridiculous search, it turns out that the kid wasn't guilty. Just wtf.

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Come to public school kiddie kidie, to get raped by principal. its for your own good to get education!

rape rape rape

lol lol lol

“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
"The sweetest of minds can harbor the harshest of men.”

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Blargg replied on Sat, Dec 15 2012 11:57 PM

Kids are property and have no rights. It's easy to determine whether some treatment is acceptable: just replace the kid with an adult and imagine what happens. In most cases, you probably see someone getting punched for whatever they were trying to do. Adults are very conceited and trot out pathetic justifications for it, since nobody's going to call them on it (almost everybody does it). To be faced with having to respect all humans no matter the age would leave many adults extremely pissed off and violent. This incident is just one of the more obvious examples. Every day most children experience countless adults wielding power over them simply because they can.

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gotlucky replied on Sun, Dec 16 2012 2:58 AM

Looks like it was in the news again.

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