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Festschrifts (Mises,Rothbard,Hoppe)

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fegeldolfy Posted: Thu, Dec 27 2012 1:51 AM

If you have read 1,2,or all of these books:

"On Freedom and Free Society:Essays in Honor of Ludwig von Mises"

"Man,Economy,and Liberty:Essays in Honor of Murray N.Rothbard"

"Property,Freedom,and Society:Essays in Honor of Hans Hermann Hoppe"

what were your thoughts? Worth reading?


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thelion replied on Thu, Dec 27 2012 3:06 AM

Yes. All. The first one has one of Rothbard's most important papers. And there are very nice Spadaro and De Jouvenal papers thrown in somewhere. Hayek has a good paper, if I remember properly.

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