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Executive Kill List & Worst Civil Liberty Violations

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Willy Truth Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2013 1:47 PM

So I think most of us agree that the biggest civil liberties threat that the Federal government has perpetrated is the unilateral murder of civilians both overseas and on American soil by executive kill list in the name of preserving homeland security. 

I have a friend, an Obama supporter, who says that this is all just a bunch of "republican" mud slinging and that Obama, the sainted One, would never do such a thing as bomb children. Here are some of the articles and I've found:


Do you guys know any other articles or videos that would serve to be supremely persuasive to someone who has their head so deep in the sand that they refuse to even acknowledge that this is happening? 

Unforunately, this describes most people. I wish there were a page devoted solely to enumerating Obama's civil liberties atrocities... Apparently, people need concise lists and pictures, otherwise they won't read it.

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Wheylous replied on Tue, Jan 15 2013 2:59 PM

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Blargg replied on Tue, Jan 15 2013 3:20 PM

Who the hell was that guy in the audience of journalists, asking all the questions and demanding clear answers? I'm having trouble believing that was a real press conference.

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