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Watch This Conversational Journey

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John James Posted: Thu, Jan 31 2013 5:32 AM

So I started going through some of Adam Kokesh's old OWS interviews.  They're a lot of fun.  Not only is it entertaining to watch this kind of interaction, but it's very refreshing to see such an appealing presentation of the libertarian position offered to these people.

I find Kokesh quite articulate with the message, and he's certainly done his homework, which is also nice to see.

I think watching these kinds of videos can be quite informative, not only familiarizing the viewer with the kind of responses and interactions he may expect to get in the real world, but also they can be quite instructive in various ways to present the case for freedom in frameworks that make an impact.

[You'll find more of this kind of thing in the "Argumentation & spreading the word" section of the The Ultimate Beginner meta-thread]

I previously started a thread a while back for much the same reason, but this video I felt warranted a new one.

It starts off with some over-the-top satire, but starting at 2:19, this guy just gets more and more likable.  Watching his transition is part of what makes this interaction so gratifying.  He's a perfect example of one of the reasons for optimism.  He exemplifies what's possible for someone who just gives honest consideration to what he sees going on, and various ideas being proposed.  Granted, someone who wasn't judging a book by its cover so to speak, would admit this guy is genuinely more intelligent than your average Joe Schmo.  And it might also be argued that that actually inclines him to be more apt to honestly consider things, and have the capacity to assess with some logic and reason.

But still.  It's not like he's memorized Rothbard or knows who Hans Hoppe is.  He just sees a few truths about the way the world works and has come to some understandings.  And all he needed is a little interaction and introduction to bring him fully around.  These people are out there.  They're the "red apples" that are most worth your time.  (Green apples are maybe worth a bit less. e.g. neocons, or Democrats who won't start crying and run away if you try to have an actual conversation, perhaps.  Brown apples and rotten apples (those who aren't interested in seeking truth, and who actively attempt to prevent others from seeking it, respectively) are not worth any of your time.)  Move on and find more red apples.  Again, they're out there.  And you can be their Adam Kokesh.

Have a look at what I mean.  It's a beautiful thing to watch, and it does give optimism.



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