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Study Says North Dakota is the Freest State in the US

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limitgov Posted: Thu, Mar 28 2013 8:13 AM


The least freest state according to the study is New York.

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Bogart replied on Fri, Mar 29 2013 1:56 PM

Republicans have nothing to do with it.  What Republican other than Ron Paul and intermittentently his son Rand are in the slightest bit interested in freedom?
The article would be much better served looking at the attitudes of the people involved and I have a feeling that Native American organizations that are finally breaking out of their government-tribe complex mentality are leading this charge.

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ARE Native Americans breaking out of their gov't tribe mentality? I thought they were still stuck in the tar.

And, although it begrudges me to admit it, Libertarian(ish) Republicans like Amash, Cruz, Massie, etc. simply don't exist on the left

And more importantly, I think a lot of Republicans are out of touch with what the Republicans of today are really about. They are still enamored with the rhetoric of Reagan to see that the party is a farce of limited government and individual liberty. Still, I think many (far more than on the left at least) Republicans have liberty-minded tendencies.


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North Dakota has a State bank.

That said, I don't see how they could be that free.

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