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Bush's Legacy

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Jimmy Posted: Sun, Jan 25 2009 5:02 PM

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
Benjamin Franklin

A controversial, unpopular, complicated, and still suspicious even to this day as he had recently left Office for the new President elect Barrack Obama to take over. George W. Bush has been revered to been one of the worst tyrants in the nations history, over stepping his constitutional powers, abusing his authority, bullied the office of OLC, out right lied to the nation on television countless times, and send thousands of America's best the their graves of sand. The legacy, the time, and the events that conspired are dark, mysterious, and the actions taken by the administration as well by the acts of congress where both immoral, unlawful, misguided, and our right measures of Fascism as well as the institutions of Socialism came to replace the principles of this once great Republic. Running on stances of Pro Life and anti Gay marriage George W. Bush being helped by his favorite tool Karl Rove a politically respected conservative, advisor, and Republican strategist who helped shape his political rhetoric won the majority southern evangelical, baptist, and protestant vote won on a landslide.

Only later to have not touched or issued any significant counter measures against the liberal oppressors on the issue of Abortion or Gay marriage, the man was shaped by of course his star moment and event that shaped his presidency, 911 and the war in Iraq. Today is becoming less of a conspiracy by the day as Federal Officials, Lawmakers, Congressman, Senators, and our own intelligence agencies neglect to tell us the truth on why on buildings collapsed, why after both towers came down no private investigation agencies, press, or private architectural companies were not allowed to inspect any ruble, steel, ground flooring, or any ground in the base of the lobby which was cleared out my US Marines and Federal agencies. Since that fateful has occurred millions of Americans are mainly divided on the issue these days, some say it was a government conspiracy in which we were kept out of the details of the collapse, secondly fervent blind obedient main stream citizens believe the news handed to them and immediately blame Islamic extremist groups for their take over the world policy. Now using some conventional wisdom in this appropriate situation in all seriousness how could we compare, Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler and his nation while it was the CIA and MI6 operations that placed Saddam in power in the first place, we made the monster and it disobeyed our orders.

The facts of clearly self evident our long time involvement in middle eastern policy has damaged the credibility of this government's existence, as well as the American peoples own safety due to occupation of men at arms pulling the puppet strings of Arab as well as Jewish leaders. Our main asset and goal in having peace relations with the Zionist and Arab states was none other than their prized black gold, Oil, the dominant force of US presence in the region was Oil industry, refineries, and our intelligence operations were mostly in effect then due to the conflicting interests of our old enemy, the Soviet Union. Israel is a key window to our affairs in dominating countries of the middle east for three huge reasons, the presence of a majority of Jewish lobbying firms, Global Zionist Corporations who donate millions to Israel, the American Oil companies interests, and the goal of every liberal, conservative, and minority in Washington DC to set up a police state.

George W. Bush not only let down the American people but with help of his mentor, infamous friend, and long time advisor Dick Cheney expanded the powers of the presidency way way over it's constitutional limits. The Supreme court justice on the oversight of Bush and his administration dared not defy the presidents orders due to fear being removed from their high thrones of power, but instead, let the George Bush create the Abomination named the Department of Homeland Security. Everyday since the the department has been established we've had thousands of innocent American men and women being detained for so called suspected terrorist reasons, some who have even died in custody. As well as common individuals in their lines of work have been spied on through the act of FISA, The Patriot Act, The Net neutrality act, The Military Commissions act, Presidential order NSPD 51, and Amendment HR 4954. Just many of the treacherous, unconstitutional, immoral, and Socialist laws and amendments that merely make any ordinary American citizen a pawn or child you could say left at the mercy of government authority. We are entering into the age of uncertainty, doubt, and most of fear of envy dwells on mostly out of stream political activist's who fear by denouncing the praised prophets they will lambasted, spit upon, targeted by their own fellow mankind as they are stray sheep running away from the butcher's heard & his knife. A quote of Thomas Jefferson's I admire very much was, Every generation needs a revolution, and I fear the same may come down the road for the United States if we don't stop our imperialism, our corrupt Zionist support for Israel, repeal all 911 security laws, and strip the private Federal Reserve banks which our very own President John F Kennedy almost enforced in an order who made to close them down. There are even some suspicious conspirator who believe because of the the board of the Federal Reserve being owned by 12 major American CEO who majorly profit from government borrowing of it's money, had JFK killed 5 months after he issued Executive Order 11110 but was repealed by LBJ.

Bush will forever remain infamous to the American people, some as a, Tyrant, evil man, hero, Patriot, only doing what was best at the time, and he was merely a puppet of Dick Cheney. But it's the past now just history which can never be changed by you or I, yes most Americans now seem pleased with a new leader at the helm, but many don't even know both Joe Biden as well as his boss Barrack Obama both signed all of these and endorsed these acts, the Patriot Act, Net neutrality act, the Fairness Doctrine, the Military commissions act, they are exactly same copy cats of the last administration. Hugo Chavez words at his UN speech were more true than we imagined, and it's only a matter of time every American feels the effects of his policies, and decides they want a new as president.

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He at least managed to dodge those shoes.

Austrians do it a priori

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