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A dead Republic to a USSA

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Jimmy Posted: Sun, Jan 25 2009 5:11 PM

Well it's a department that is most revered in America, mostly hated, some give thanks to it, others despise it for it's strict police policies, but it invites fear into our society that had remain peaceful and prosperous for many years. And that department is none other than Homeland Security established by our very own soon to be former President George W. Bush in his so called response to the 911 terror attacks in New York, well looks can sure be deceiving that goes without saying. Just as people say a picture is worth a thousand words, or there's the saying the camera doesn't lie or something like that, but I think the older generations in this country didn't hear about photo shop and digital video editing. Well here is some conclusive evidence of suspicious behavior from our governments reactions on that fateful day, on receiving news of the first plane crash into the Pentagon Mr. Bush sitting in the Kindergarten class room remains utterly silent and unresponsive to these occurring events. Only to know that the second plane crashing into the South tower along with United 175 didn't crash ti
ll an half hour later, the most obvious response is the commander in chief is called to his helm to help his men, yet the commander was no where to be found. Most people think this inconclusive, bullshit, and outright disgraces towards the Federal government, well what's has the United States Government ever have to loose, except it's honesty when they keep all that is secret away from it's peoples, is it a crime/disgrace to tell the truth. I remember that horrible day as well, as tragic and sorrowful as it was, it never means we have to build just another stone monument out taxpayers money to remember some depressing event that will eventually be forgotten by the coming ages. As the quote I cannot even remember said by a man whom I admire as a hero to me, Thomas Jefferson, he said something like this “ I look towards the future than rather dwell on the events of the past” it's just a saying that summarizes so much to say. See when I was much younger around the time your always around the TV on Saturday mornings, instead of Batman, Superman, Power Rangers, I grew up with Robert E Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, would I say I was deprived, no, of course not I was fascinated by these men at the age of 8 and 9.

Look on this political scenario as a detective case, list the suspects, the reasons or motivations of both sides, what they have to gain & loose, and list the events that they committed. Yet as a writer, political spectator, history digger, and truth seeker I only seek to divulge the truth to release to the majorities of people, sometimes not to take it from perspective views, but plain lay out the facts that happened and connect with the coming events of the future. Even today when I was in school, in the store, in church, or in homes our friends of ours ones who have seen more than I could ever imagine, more remain arrogant and non responsive to todays world occurring events. Sure I'm not much of a huge conspiracy theorist, but I would say privatization of education would make the youth of this country better off, why should we leave the learning connotative development a our first born to highly intellectuals usually a board made up of a dozen members who choose the curriculum of our young children. Many laws that seek to devour our freedoms such as the following, the Patriot Act, US gun control act of 68, Clinton's laws on guns, the Brady Law for instance on secure gun background check's and gun shipments to licensed dealers only, that prevented many from legally owning firearms. Just many of the incentives for new area to fill in the black market, for dirty dealings, more police brutality ignited due to rise in crime, or that most cops or Federal agents who testify say THEY perceive how the rule of law should be carried out on citizens. Well that's just a growing danger in this countries existence, that would be fear, violence, war mongering, and danger talk abroad in foreign lands which seek to destroy our country because of our freedoms?

Well I find these kind of irrational statements to be made out by the radical fanatics who seem to have a personal vendetta against THEIR counter parts, I can base this off hard facts it's been true in our past presidencies, it's a game of war playing chess with the other madman. Vietnam, world war 2, world war one, we were given all sufficient warnings to our citizens and allies, but the powers at be thought it wise to silence our enemies voices, they would rather play war with people like, Hitler, Mao, Bin Laden, or Saddam over in Iraq. Well I'll give you very good evidence of outright police/Nazi gun control policy starting with a bill enacted in 1994 under Clinton's administration, titles the Assault Weapons ban unanimously all voted on by the Majority of democrats at the time, some little opposition to it by Republicans, it slammed any hope of government reform or future revolution.

Well nothing comes so quickly as that, some people do think now though, cause of the new president Obama to be sworn in just three days from now. Well even though he maybe insufficient for the job, well the people deserve for who they put in there in the first place, well just have to see what he'll do next month.

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