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Good morning Mr. President, time to get to work.

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Jimmy Posted: Sun, Jan 25 2009 6:23 PM

2 hours till count down to the inauguration of America's first Black president, that is America's first most Socialist president since FDR, and 3 hours till he is the commander in chief personifying America as well as taking it's face. What truly a disgrace it is to have such an arrogant, unfaithful, blind, and an idiotic idiot who's policies were nothing but far left wing socialist with the fame the size know of a western legislator, mostly influenced by his best buddy Rev Jeremiah Wright, and his gang of goons mostly all Black Nationalist's including the infamous Black panther's who in fact contributed to the Obama campaign. An ill fated decision of Obama and his so called economic advisors is just TV talk saying create MORE jobs, give more tax credits, reduce Capital gains tax, and it's either pump out more money or just give a minimum 5% relief on only individuals which barley doesn't give them anything back, or doesn't really let them save at all! It's the same propaganda slogans on a myriad of presidents campaign slogans, more promises in job creation, yet it's far more complicated than that, it's the amount of production that producers churn out in fast, efficient, effective, and complete necessary quotas for the service or product in demand.
Yet most should know there about the lack of human service rights, the value of human life in southeast Asian nations, the lowest tariffs in history of most recent presidents have instituted, and the worse implications of Nixon's decision opening up China was the destruction of basic American manufacturing of consumer goods in the US.

Most American fortune 500 hundred companies saw China as the Red dragon opening up the duplication machine making their products by the hundreds of thousands, and at no expense of the laborer producing them, making them CHEAP & AFFORDABLE, to all Americans including later our European friends who were able to bu everything cheap at the cost of loosing their laboring sector. Even though some Democrats thought the supposed genius to it was giving more uptight, high paying, prestigious, and higher middle class service/desk jobs we were certainly arrogant and blind to think that would be the case with immigrants flowing into the country today, India was just catching up with us. The Internet, English, and free downloads reached Indians to learn one of the most wanted Languages in the world, testing their learning abilities, becoming excellent, efficient, cost efficient, and affordable who weren't in demand for social security, liability costs, union rights, and weren't used to the hand of government cradling them with public entitlements.
And then you have green liberals purging off taxpayers money, laundering off Social security, and coming up with money scams using fear mongering messages of death, poverty, and to even make their deals more solid you have never ending flows of donation money from the ignorant Green peace association. Obama in his deal explains that in creating more jobs, we need more green tidy whitey jobs that comply with EPA regulation and keep our endangered plants and trees around longer. We cannot afford more non producing government jobs that pay minimum Federal wage and still cannot upkeep with the amount of taxes demanded by the Internal Revenue Service, Including the more dollars printed by the Federal Reserve that devalue the dollar and make less investment in it, common things such as groceries and consumer goods will skyrocket. The economic planning by people like Paulson, Bernanke, Summers, and Bernstein who have no logical idea of how to manufacturer a pencil, producing a food, or the law of supply in demand in this nation nor the amount of money being taken from honest American business and individuals. This is the White house budget of 2008,

$0.35 Trillion from corporate income taxes
$1.2 Trillion from federal income taxes
$0.9 Trillion in Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.

Total $2.5 Trillion

Here would be an excellent plan for the incoming administration, cut the 92,000 jobs at the IRS cause they are NON PRODUCING jobs that waste precious money, the overload on military spending that give non sense jobs to bums we spending trillions on every year, end the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eliminate the the Federal income tax, state tax, sales tax, the Capital gains tax, and re institute high tariff rates for Chinese consumer good exports so American manufacturing has a upstart. Thirdly abolish the Federal Reserve, fire the chairmen, and give back the constitutional power to the US treasury to issue and produce legal tender BUT backed and redeemable for a certain amount of gold or silver. The introduction of Central banks from Senators Aldrich's trip to Europe has structurally unsound principles in a free market economy, and is nothing more than a cartel bankrupting his main customer, the government, trapping it's borrower's in serious debt. And by it's own power robbing you of your hard earned labor by de basing the currency by printing up more money, thus a significant amount of purchasing power is lost. It's getting worse and worse, good citizen, you must pay more attention now more than ever!

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