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Mises People | Let's group together and complain to news broadcasters about economy coverage!

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seetheowl Posted: Tue, Feb 10 2009 10:02 AM

Here in the UK I've been watching the BBC and finding myself repeatedly shouting at the TV cause I feel they treat people like idiots. Same for most stations although Channel 4 does a better job.

Watching news when I was in the U.S made me feel much the same way.

In the U.K the BBC reacts to complaints quite readily as I expect most stations will if they get enough complaints.

This article got me started:

Is the BBC Hiding Britain's Bankruptcy?

Got links in there to complain to Fox News and BBC. Any more links to complain post them here.

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bearing01 replied on Tue, Feb 10 2009 10:48 AM

I'm pretty sure the elite that own the mainstreem media are in the pockets of the government.  They are only cheerleaders for the erroneous government policies.  Every now and then they interview someone like Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Ron Paul or Peter Schiff just to try to keep it even.  Then they interview someone from Wall Street who is laughing at them.

If you want to complain about the current quality of broadcasters then perhaps the only thing you could do is create your own news broadcast.  If you could get it to flourish and compete against the big guns then that would likely get their attention.

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