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The International

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Pyramid Posted: Thu, Feb 19 2009 1:28 PM

I was wondering if anyone else here has had a chance to see The International.  I thought it was fascinating especially since the main villian in the movie is a bank.   In one scene Clive Owen's character, Louis Salinger, an Interpol agent is questioning the CEO of a defense weapons manufacturer, Umberto Calvini.  Salinger asks why the International Bank of Business and Credit would want to deal arms?  Calvini answers the reason is not to control the conflict or to profit from gun sales but to control the debt.  Once in debt the country does what the bank tell them.

Apparently, the IBCC was based on the BCCI which had corruption charges and was nicknamed the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International.

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Bogart replied on Thu, Feb 19 2009 3:23 PM

Maybe it is a good movie?  I will wait for the video.  I can not grasp the plot.  My feeling is that there is no reason for a bank board to contract murders and the like as they need only to pay modest amounts in tribute to have Congress and the President to do it for them, and it is absolutely legal.  Look at Goldman Sachs, they are running both the Fed and Treasury.  Goldman Sachs said help AIG, they were helped.  Hell the President asks these folks for permission to do things.  Furthermore this has been happening for quite some time.  Look at "Big Stick Diplomacy" and the Annexation of Hawaii for foreign examples and the break up of Standard Oil and Microsoft as domestic examples.  These acts of force were done for financial interests and involved no murders by a large bank.

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Pyramid replied on Thu, Feb 19 2009 3:31 PM

Corporations have their own security forces so a logical extension from that is they would hire and do whatever it takes to protect their business interests.  Also as I mentioned the BCCI actually existed and committed these actions.  Plots similar to this have been already carried out.

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