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allixpeeke Posted: Sat, Dec 8 2007 12:31 PM

Part of Rockwell's Speaking of Liberty was first released.

Since then, only Rothbard's books have been released.  Three for three, we got

A) For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto, followed by

B) What Has Government Done to Our Money?/The Case for a 100% Gold Dollar, and finally

C) The Ethics of Liberty.

I absolutely love these online audiobooks.  They have made consumption of informative material so much easier. has just finished releasing the last chapter of The Ethics of Liberty.  Anyone have any idea which book they'll release next?

What do you think, will it be another Rothbard book?  Perhaps Man, Economy, and State with Power and Markets?

Or, will they start releasing some of Mises's books, such as Human Action (Scholar's Edition, which I own but have not read), or the much short Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth (1990 edition, which I own and have read)?

Or, given our general agreement about a certain presidential candidate, perhaps next will be Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution After 200 Years.

Or maybe even the wonderful The Market for Liberty by Linda & Morris Tannehill.  (See here for quotes from the book I adore and for areas where I believe the book is wrong or misleading.)

Could it be The State: Its History and Development Viewed Sociologically by Franz Oppenheimer.

Perhaps it will be the complete Bastiat Collection.  (Those wishing to download The Law for free can do so here.  This audiobook contains a wonderful Forward and Introduction by Walter E. Williams and Richard Ebling, as are available from the FEE release of The Law, which I also own.)

Of course there's always the amazing Economics in One Lesson (50th Anniversary Edition, which I own, have read, and adore)--that is, if the copyright holders don't object.  That book really ought to be on every human's must-read list.

Or it could even be Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought (Complete, 1965-1968).  No reason a journal can't be rendered into .mp3s.

What do you think will be next?  Personally, I'm rooting for Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth (1990 Edition) followed by Economics in One Lesson (50th Anniversary Edition); not that I wouldn't be ecstatic to hear Man, Economy, and State with Power and Markets (Scholar's Edition).

Yours, Alex Peak “I’m very optimistic about the future of free-market capitalism. I’m not optimistic about the future of stat[ist] capitalism—or rather, I am optimistic, because I think it will eventually come to an end.” – Murray N. Rothbard, “A Future of Peace and Capitalism,” 1973
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jtucker replied on Sat, Dec 8 2007 9:54 PM

Really not sure yet. There are so many candidates!  

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