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A glitch on

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Nathyn Posted: Wed, Dec 12 2007 11:16 PM

It might just be the way firefox handles ampersands, but... 

Right here: 

The link to "Power and Market: Government and the Economy" by Rothbard is dead.

 Also, just as a general criticism: I notice that some of the HTML versions of literature have typos in them, because they appear to have been auto-generated from the PDF versions. Although it's probably impossible, it would be a good idea to proofread the HTML versions.

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jtucker replied on Mon, Dec 24 2007 9:03 AM

 The problem with that one was the & in the title, which couldn't be rendered by .net for some reason. Anyway, I took that out and moved the pdf to another spot. But the real problem is that this PDF is rotten in general and not up to the usual standard. So I'll see about getting a real edition up there. 

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