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I need admin help

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David V Posted: Fri, Jun 19 2009 12:19 AM

If you would like to help manage the community blogs, please contact me.  I need volunteers to handle new blog and support requests. 

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I willing to help. I'm on the site for a couple of hours a day anyway. Big Smile

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Here are my terms:

- One imp or toadie like creature to do my bidding

- A lifetime supply of Jolt Cola

- Ding-Dongs....or Ho Ho's

- A 'Buy the bookstore' option at the Mises store so I can continue further research into this blog environment

- The ability to throw lightning

-The ability to start fires with my mind or read minds...or start fires in other people's minds while I read them

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Oh,  I'm supposed to reply here? 

I have free time Friday - Sunday (weekends), but I check the site daily & spend anywhere between 15 to 30 mins a day total, so I could probably pitch in :).

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I wish I had the time....

But I can bump this for you Big Smile

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