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The community section needs to be "easier" and "more visible"

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Uriah Posted: Mon, Jun 29 2009 9:51 PM

I used to use heaps. It was a great resource as it used well known forum software, was very visible, and easy to find what you wanted.

Unfortunately the mises version doesn't have these attributes.

These forums, wikis and similar, need to be more visible. Although the rest of the site is extremely valuable, the forums especially, provide a significant amount of help when learning these concepts through feedback and participation.

I've found that people I send to this area, feel more intimidated by the interface and even prefer to read through old stuff, than post here. I'd be interested to see a comparison between the traffic of the old forums compared to these forums.

I am uncertain of how to do this, short of reverting to the old

Perhaps put the link to Forums/Wiki on the main navigation as opposed to nestled under Community.

Then put a section on the main page for good active discussions/etc.

What does everyone think?

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BobT replied on Mon, Jun 29 2009 11:34 PM

I agree that the forum should be more visible from the front page - it took me a couple weeks of reading the daily articles before I found out it existed >_>

I really like the format/interface of the forums though.

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AJ replied on Tue, Jun 30 2009 4:52 AM

Seconded. Rather than having a "Community" link on the front page, why not replace it with "Forums" as is common practice? The more general community content could then be visible from there. I read this site for months before I had any idea there were forums.

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