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mutatis mutandis vs ceteris paribus

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ViennaSausage Posted: Wed, Aug 5 2009 12:04 PM

What's the difference between these two terms?  Although the nuances of their etymology differ, the usage of each appears quite similar.

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Do you have any examples?

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This is how I've come across them:


Mutatis mutandis is typically used in proofs to state that the result follows by a similar line of reasoning.

Ceteris paribus is typically used in economics to state that 'if all other factors remain constant'.

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"Thus, this approach relatively strengthens the tendency toward withdrawal, disillusionment, cynicism, and mutatis mutandis, contributes to a relative reduction in the general atmosphere of politicalization." A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, Hoppe

"Ceteris paribus, it is the democratic state-and the democratic socialism incorporated in it-which commands the higher income and so proves to be superior in wars with other states." A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, Hoppe

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Mutatis mutandis = the [necessary] changes having been made

Ceteris paribus = all other things being equal

MM is used when emphasising the change being made, I guess.

I learned the term mutatis mutandis when reading Hoppe's book too!

Austrians do it a priori

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