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Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, where does a libertarian begin?

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pazlenchantinrocks Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2008 2:30 AM

 I have been doing a little research and continue to come up short on finding anthropologists and sociologists with a praxeological bent.  Psychology is also of interest to me and I continue to come up short.  Do you have any suggestions, websites, names, books, etc. that could steer me in the right direction?

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From my understanding, it would be challenging to find praxeological + anthropology, sociology or psychology because they do not mix.

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Bank Run replied on Tue, Jan 15 2008 5:42 AM

Click, Thymology It's awesome that this stuff is all here online. 

From Mises Made Easier Psychology. Psychology is concerned with the minds of men. It has two major meanings. The sciences of human action are not primarily concerned with the physiological meaning, sometimes known as natural or experimental psychology. Whenever Mises refers to psychology in economic studies, he has in mind what some call "literary psychology" and which he has called "Thymology" in Theory and History and The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science. In this sense, psychology "is on the one hand an offshoot of introspection and on the other a precipitate of historical experience. It is what everybody learns from intercourse with his fellows. It is what a man knows about the way in which people value different conditions, about their wishes and desires and their plans to realize these wishes and desires. It is the knowledge of the social environment in which a man lives and acts."

It signifies the cognition of human ideas, emotions, volitions, motivations and value judgments which are an indispensable faculty of everyone. It is the specific understanding of the past which gives men an insight into the minds of other men. Psychology, like economics, starts with the individual. It concerns the internal invisible and intangible events of the mind which determine man's value scales which result or can result in action. Economics begins at the point psychology leaves off.

EP. 3, 152-55, 183-202; HA. v,12,123-27,486-88; OG. 230; TH. 264-84; UF. 47-48. 
The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans. ~source
Here is a  good audio...Mark Sunwall

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Thomas Szasz was a libertarian (and even Austrian?) psychologist to my knowedge. Smith's Time and Public Policy is a good Austrian work on how governments operate. Sociology from a praxeological perspective is still in its infancy, with works like Hoppe's (on democracy and monarchy and his class analysis) being some of the first few. 


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