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Walter Block's 2009 World Tour is coming to the NYC area on 10/1, 10/2 and 10/5. Be there or be square.

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Alessandrorinaldo Posted: Wed, Sep 30 2009 10:42 AM

There should be tee shirts. Walter Block’s upcoming speeches:

Sept 12 Bellevue, WA, Mises Institute, Mises Circle, “Ticka, ticka, ticka, you need good timin’”

Sept 22 Baton Rouge, LA. Louisiana State University, Paul M. Hebert Law Center, near the intersection of Highland & Dalrymple, room 110, from 12:40 to 1:40pm; topic: free market environmentalism, contact: Andre Collins Gaudin Jr, 504 669-2125,,

Oct 1 Newark, N.J., Rutgers Newark Law School, 123 Washington Street, room 125, Baker Trial Courtroom; 8-10pm, topic: socialized medicine; contact: Steve Link,, 201-788-5108

Oct 2 Newark, N.J., Seton Hall University, 1109 Raymond Blvd; small moot court room on the first floor, 1pm– 3pm; topic: socialized medicine; contact: Alessandro Di Stefano –, 617-894-5436.

(yes, that's me and I'm pushing my own school's event - it's going to be totally, completely free and refreshments will follow.)

Oct 5 New York, N.Y., Cardozo Law School, noon-1:30pm; 55 Fifth Avenue (corner of 5th Ave & 12th St), room 206; topic: socialized medicine; contact: John Safarli,; 206-909-9963

Oct 6 Baton Rouge, LA., Southern University, Room 129 in AA Lenoir Hall at noon – 2pm. Contact: Cindy Manuel, Barry Manuel,, Ross LeBlanc,, 504-236-2451; topic: medical socialism

Oct 21-24. Salamanca, Spain. Mises Supporters Conference.

Oct 31. Grove City College, Grove City, PA. Mises Lecture Austrian Student Scholars’ Conference “My 41 years as an Austrian economist;”

Nov 4. Williamsburg VA 23188; William & Mary Law School, 613 South Henry Street, 1-3pm; room, tba; contact: Amanda DeVuono,, 571 970-7725, topic: “Is the market racist? Sexist? No.”

Nov 4. Richmond, VA 23173; University of Richmond School of Law, Moot Court Room, 28 Westhampton Way, Contact: Margaret Harker,, 240 481-1872, 4pm; Topic: welfare state? Topic: Medical socialism? Commentator: Dr. Karen Swisher Professor of Health Law with the Department of Health Administration at VCU/MCV where she teaches in the MHA (Masters in Health Administration) Program.

Nov 5 Charlottesville, VA 22903; UVA School of Law, 580 Massie Rd, room #: tba;. Contact: Alex Cox,, 517 614 0473; noon; Topic: drug legalization

Nov 5. Lexington, Virginia 24450; Washington and Lee University Law School, 5:15pm, Sydney Lewis Hall. AKA “The Law School,” room A or B; Topic: The Market is NOT Sexist nor Racist: the Black-White, the Male-Female Wage Gap and the Glass Ceiling.

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Wibee replied on Fri, Jul 30 2010 3:19 AM

If I am in NJ, I'll be there.  I hate driving in Newark though.  Will probably opt for NJT.  It's cool to live near someone from :)  

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DD5 replied on Fri, Jul 30 2010 10:10 AM


If you haven't noticed, those tour dates are from last year.


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Wibee replied on Fri, Jul 30 2010 7:11 PM


Dang.  Thanks for letting me know!  :)

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