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Edward Leedskalnin (WTF): Libertarian?

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Ego Posted: Thu, Mar 27 2008 2:48 AM

First of all: WTF!?

Edward Leedskaln was a tiny, very odd man who allegedly single-handedly built Coral Castle, which is made of 1100 tons of rock. He claimed to have discovered the secrets of the ancient Egyptians.

He believed that magnetism is the source of all physical laws, but he never explained how he build Coral Castle.

I never believe in any conspiracy theories, but this makes absolutely no sense.

According to Wikipedia:

He advocates voting for property-owners only (and in proportion to their holdings), and argues that "Anyone who is too weak to make his own living is not strong enough to vote."

Does anyone know anything about this whole story!? I'm freaking out right now in confusion.

Don't allow leftists to play games with definitions! Some of the libertarian-leaning leftists at this forum will try to redefine "left-wing" back to its original defition (Third Estate, limited government, free-markets, laissez-faire reforms, etc.). Fine! We non-leftists can't stop them from using their own personal definitions; they can use whatever labels they want to describe any concept they want.

However, they have the audacity to then use their personal definition of "left-wing" (remember, the original definition, which is no longer valid) to prove that modern leftists are more libertarian than modern rightists! They will say that libertarianism is "inherently leftist" (again, using the original, no longer valid definition), and use that to insist that we should prefer and side with modern leftists over modern rightists.

Question their motives.

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19th century England had such property requirements in order for one to vote. Alone they hardly make one a libertarian.


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